Monday: It is colder than a well digger out today. The weather report says we’re going to reach 40°. Considering it is only 24°, and it’s after 1:00 o’clock I don’t think it’s going to make it.





I have been hard at work on the novel ALL FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH. And I must say I’m rather pleased with the progress I am making. The first part of the book has been rewritten, and a lot added. I just have to work in all the extra detail that I have mentally created. The story was originally a short novella, and I am extending it into a full length novel. I’ve changed the storyline a great deal, and I am having trouble finding just the right photograph for the book cover.  I created this today.   Let me know what you think of this book cover.



I called the geek squad this morning and they fixed the problem with Java so now my book cover program is working. That is a relief. Now to create the perfect book cover. Of all the photographs I have on this computer, you would think I would have one that would be perfect for what I want, but I don’t. This is a love story about a soldier who defies death and refuses to enter the light because his wife is in danger. He must protect her. I wanted a photograph of a ghostly soldier, and a photograph of a beautiful dark-haired woman, but can’t find what I want. I’ll keep looking.

Tuesday: I started this blog yesterday on a day that was cold and kind of dreary. Last night that changed.  We got about 3 to 4 inches of snow this morning, and the sun is shining bright and beautiful. That was a surprise because it wasn’t really expected, I don’t think, until today. But we’ll take all the moisture we can get for now. If we continue to get snow once a week, hopefully this will end our severe dry spell.

Well I got out my book on Photoshop Elements II. I am going to have to reread everything again and do a refresher course to see what I can create in Photoshop. I’ve been teaching myself this program for a while. Can’t say I’m really proficient at it, but I can do some things. I need to learn how to do layering, and just keep practicing each chapter until I become proficient. The book is really informative and shows you step-by-step how to do everything.

Well everyone have a great day, stay safe on the roads, and remember to edit, edit, edit.



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