Today, Colorado Springs is blessed with bright sunny skies and warmer temperatures. The nights are remaining cool, actually cold and down in the 20s and sometimes the teens. But as long as I can see the sun shining, I am happy. Been having a bit of trouble with my stupid asthma. I hate to have to use inhalers, but as long as it helps me breathe better, it works.

I have trouble sleeping at night. Sometimes I am up until 1 o’clock in the morning with my brain running about 70 miles an hour. So last night instead of just sitting at the computer playing a mindless game of solitaire, I pulled up Hannah and wrote on that novel until one in the morning. I’ve been writing on it every day, but for some reason last night the story just flowed. I have finally worked out all the details about my villain and changed the storyline again, which has improved the book I think. Sometimes a story has to cook in your brain for quite a while before you get it just right. Never be afraid to make changes in your storyline or characters. All changes will possibly be improvements. Nothing is written in stone when it comes to the book you are writing, and who your people are, or what they do. This is your world you have created and you have complete control over who, what, when, where, how, why, and all emotional content. They say write what you know. And that is true in many ways. You have to know the people in your story, who they are, what are their motivations, their goals, and where did they come from, and what do they expect to achieve.

When I am creating characters, I assigned a folder for each one. In that folder I put all the pertinent information like their date of birth, where they went to school, were they orphans, if not, what do their parents do, do they get along with their parents, etc. I utilize anything that I can think of to create a visual image in my head, and put that in the folder. So if I forget a detail, I can always look it up.  Another aid to help you visualize your character, look at photographs in magazines or on the Internet of people, movie stars, TV stars until you know your character intimately. And it’s vital that you do this. How are you going to write about someone if you don’t know all about them? Also you can plan out your storyline, but keep in mind, as with me, my storyline has changed several times in the last few weeks. So like I said before, no storyline is set in stone.

Also set goals for yourself. My goal for 2018 is to complete the novel about HANNAH, and also TO CATCH A DREAM, which is nearly finished. It has almost 70,000 words in it. All I have to do is complete the last few chapters of the book and it is done. HANNAH was completely written, it just has to have the story extended and expansion on every aspect of the characters, their motivations and actions.

THE HANGMAN is finished, it is in the editing stages, and will not be ready to upload until I can be certain there are no mistakes in the book. I’ve gone over it three or four times, but I know there are still mistakes. There is nothing I hate more than to upload a novel and have somebody tell me I have left a mistake in it. I know I’m a perfectionist but I can’t help it. It’s just the way I am and in many cases I think all writers should be. Nothing stops a reader faster than to come across a mistake in a novel. And I find mistakes in books published by big publishers. It seems the editors at these companies no longer edit. So it is now up to the writer to make sure their work is as perfect as possible. I do rely on several of my friends and my sister to go over my novels, because my brain automatically inserts the correct word whether it’s the right one or not on the printed page. So I wish you all good luck on your editing process. It is a long arduous task, but it has to be done.

I wish you all a great week, and please stay safe.



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