Well it’s Friday, that wonderful day of the week that the nine to fivers who work look forward to each week. Then they have the glorious weekend to catch up on everything they didn’t get done at home during the evenings. Or the party animals are out having a glorious time. Friday’s for me, are just another day of writing, and doing things around the house that need done.




Yesterday I did my grocery shopping, and had to go to two different stores to get what I wanted. King Supers is the only store that carries the ham I like. It’s a low-sodium ham that doesn’t taste like you’re eating a box of salt. I don’t know why they have to put so much salt in ham. God help the people who have high blood pressure, and eat all that salt. I can’t. I never salt anything, which make people complain about the way I cook. I use other spices in my food other than salt. Now I do use pepper but not a lot. So I guess you could say my food might be a little bland. Since I don’t have a bunch of people to cook for, I don’t worry about it.  It’s only me and the kids, or should I say critters. And they don’t complain.

We have been having another bout of really warm weather. The trees are starting to look fuzzy. I don’t even think they are sure winter has been here. I know we haven’t had much of a winter. The few snowstorms we have had have not amounted to enough to give us even 1 inch of water. I’m saying that today, and normally March and April is when Colorado gets our big snows. So there is still a chance we could get hammered by a freak snowstorm.

My boss at the police department called me last week and asked me to come back to work. Once again I will be working on Friday afternoons and Monday afternoons. It will be good to get back to work, and talk to someone other than a cat or dog. As I’ve told you all before I have a tendency to be a hermit and stay in the house working all the time on my books. So it will be good for me to get out.

I was talking to my sister this morning, who is working on editing THE HANGMAN. She told me that my chapter lengths have a tendency to be inconsistent. Some have like 30 pages others have like 10 or 12 pages. So try to be consistent with the number of pages in the chapter. I have to go back now and split up all those pages. That is so much fun. So try to keep an eye out for chapter length. There are some scenes in a book which you really can’t cut off anywhere you want. You really have to finish the scene.  That will make a chapter longer than others.

So folks, that’s about it for today. Not a lot of happening around here. Nothing but work, work, work. I do take a break now and then and watch a good movie. I have to say that the movie entitled The Snowman is an exceptionally good murder mystery. What can I say I’m partial to murder stories and any type of good mystery.

Now I do dearly love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. But I’m also a big fan of Galaxy Quest.  It’s a silly movie, but I love it.

I like all types of movies, but they really have to hold my interest, otherwise I just turn it off. I am still trying to figure out why the movie, Shape of Water, got best picture at the Academy Awards with all the top-notch films that are out there. Oh well, that’s just my individual taste in movies. I have discovered over time that when you can see a lot of hype on television about a movie, most times the movies is not that good. Like I say it’s all up to an individual’s taste in the story.

Well it’s the start of the weekend, everyone have a great time and stay safe.



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