I am sorry to say I left Colorado.  I didn’t want to, but it was necessary.  2018 has been a rough year for me which is one reason I haven’t written a blog for such a long time. One, I have been rewriting and editing all the novels I have self-published.  I can’t believe how your mind can insert the correct word in a manuscript when you have written an error or used the wrong one.  You can never review, or edit enough.  Once I have finished reviewing and editing one more time, I will be uploading the correct versions to all my novels for e-books and POD.  I want my work to be as perfect as I can possibly make it.  

I have been submitting queries to literary agent in the US and England.   I will continue to try and find an agent to represent my work.  Say a prayer I find one.

The Hangman, the second book of the crime fiction, Jonas Black series, is completed, but unpublished.  I’m going to go over it one more time before I format it for uploading to Kindle and Createspace.  

In between all the editing and rewriting, I have been working feverously on two romantic suspense books, TO CATCH A DREAM and ALL FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH.  I am almost finished with TO CATCH A DREAM.  ALL FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH will take longer to complete.  It was a novella I wrote some time ago.  Now I am expanding on the storyline, adding chapters and new characters.  It is a love story with a ghost.  I haven’t created a bookcover for Hannah yet. You all know how I love to write books with unusual twists, the latest novel I’m working on have those twists.  

 Everyone have a great week and stay safe.  Always remember: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.

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