Got up this morning to bright sunshine and warmer temperature.  Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day.  It seems as if we have had weeks of gray, dismal rainy days.  I have trouble with gray days.  All I want to do is hide or sleep until the sun shines again.  But can’t.  Too much to get done.  As a writer, work on my novels is never done.

Well, I don’t like the new format WordPress has for writing a blog.  I used to be able to insert a photograph by each paragraph and now I can’t.  That is so irritating.  Guess I’ll have to call them to find out how to use their new features.  Blast it all.  If it ain’t broke, don’t FIX it! 

Anyway, I have uploaded the new versions of the ebook for all my novels except The Hangman.  I want to shout THE HANGMAN IS HERE when I do create the ebook.  I’ve worked hard to make the novel as perfect as possible.  But, we all know, nothing is perfect.  I hope everyone will like the story, but not everyone will.  You can’t please everyone.  That’s life and as it should be.  Now I have to finish TO CATCH A DREAM, and get to work completing THE SNATCHER, the next Jonas Black novel.  It’s there in my brain, all I have to do is get it into the computer.  Wouldn’t be great if we could plug our brains up to our computer and download selected files.  Who knows, someday that might be possible.  

The new week is stretching before us.  Everyone have a great time and stay safe.  Always remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.

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