The temperature tonight is going to be 28 degrees.  Yesterday it was sunshine and close to 60.  A beautiful day. Now, snow is heading our way once again.  I just took JoJo out and it’s a lot colder and saw a few flakes.  I don’t mind cold, but I don’t drive in snow.  After living all those years in Florida, I’d be a hazard on the road.  

I am so blessed to have had all my sisters.  There were six of us girls and believe me, my mother had a rough time raising all of us by herself.  My parents were divorced and at the time, there wasn’t a lot of assistance for a single mother.  But she worked hard to keep us together and we knew we were loved.  Poor, but greatly loved.  I’ve lost three of my sisters, two to cancer and my sister,  Dreamah, to a possible massive stroke.  But, I don’t think the doctors were sure what caused her death.  I miss my sisters, but I’m thankful for the two remaining, especially the one I’m living with now.  She is one smart woman, pretty, a great cook, yeah, I’ve gained 8 pounds and a comic.  She has even accepted my 4 cats and two dogs, spoiling them all, even the brat cat, Tigger.  We laugh a lot which is great.  She has been there for me when I needed her the most.  I owe her my life in many ways as 2018, up to now, was a rough year for me healthwise.  Thanks to my sister I am getting healthy, my stress level is way down and everything is looking up.  So sister, know I love you more than anything and THANK YOU. 

I have been trying to upload the corrected POD version of my novels.  When I try to launch the previewer, it is unavailable and has been since yesterday.  I hope they get the kinks worked out so I can get that project completed and on to the next books.

I pulled out all the research for THE SNATCHER, the next book in the Jonas Black series.  My ghost Marilyn has a larger role in this book than in THE HANGMAN.  I know one reviewer didn’t like the way I present my ghost in THE STONE KILLER, but to me, anything is possible.  I have seen a ghost at my home in Florida.  It was a woman in a long flowing nightgown.  After I remodeled the kitchen, I never saw her again.  So I hope you all like ghost stories, I do and like to write them.  

I DO NOT LIKE THIS WORDPRESS NEW BLOG FORMAT.  I prefer the old one which allowed me to insert photo beside my text.  This new one will let me upload an image, but not beside my text.  Get it fixed WordPress.  Maybe I’m not using it correctly.  That is very possible.

Well folks, time for bed.  Everyone have a great week and stay safe.  Always remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.








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