I thought I had uploaded all my corrected novels for both ebook and paperback to KDP.  Boy, was I wrong!   I have spent days uploading corrected pdf manuscript files to KDP for both ebook and paperback format.  I even downloaded their template, which by the way, works great for the paperback manuscript format.  Then comes the book cover.  I use Book Cover Pro to create my own covers and have never had a problem before.  BUT, and it’s a big BUT. with the interior template your novel has a lot more pages and thus your book cover is all out of whack.  So all day today I have worked on the cover for CREATING KATHRYN CROWN and A CIRCLE OF MURDERS.  I thought the process was done, over with, completed.  I received an email telling my cover margins were off.  I forgot to allow for the additional pages and it threw the spine margins off.   I just checked to see if KDP had finished uploading the new cover, it’s now UNAVAILABLE.  FRUSTRATION, FRUSTRATION, FRUSTRATION!!!!

No, I have no patience with programs which do not work as they are supposed to.  One reason, I am so tired this evening it isn’t funny from working at this computer all day and not accomplishing squat!  I just corrected the cover AGAIN and upload the new CIRCLE OF MURDERS pdf to KDP.  Now it will take them forever to process the file.  Oh well, everything will get done eventually if I don’t scream wanting to beat the bageebies (spelling?) out of KDP. 

I just had to upload the cover again.  It’s a good thing I writer murder mysteries.  That way I can use my frustration in a book.    OH HELL, NOW KDP HAS MESSED UP THE INTERIOR OF A CIRCLE OF MURDERS.  DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!

One bit of good news.  I have a crazy brat cat named Tigger.  He loves to chew on thing cables like the portable phone cable, my sister’s monitor cable plus others as long as it is thin.  So far, I have had to replace the phone cord twice, the portable phone stand cable twice and my sister’s monitor cable once.  Everything is work again until the brat cat discover that I have new cables.  Tomorrow, all these cables will be coated with the hottest hot sauce in the house.  That should help until I can go to an electronics store and find long thin, but heavy covers for the cables.  Wish me luck.  Tigger will bite into the wrong cable one of these days if I can’t break him of this habit.  

Well folks tomorrow is the start of a brand new week.  Everyone have a great time and stay safe.  Remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER, in anything.  I will succeed with these book covers yet!.  


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