I just uploaded the PDF for KATHRYN again.  Stupid mistake, I left off a number for the ISBN and had to format the KDP template all over again.  Then my sister found a mistake in the back cover blurb for THE HANGMAN.  Just uploaded that again.  Here’s the rule.  When you have worked for days on a project and your mind and eyes are past being tired, put everything away and give yourself a break from overworking your mind and eyes.  Then come back and recheck what you have done for errors.  They’re easy to make and your mind will automatically fix a word.  I need to follow my own advice on this, as again, I’m really tired tonight.  After this blog, I’m off to bed.

One good thing about today.  I had an eye exam and everything is great.  Needless to say I wore my sunglasses as I couldn’t see all that well .  It was good news for me as I also create oil paintings.  In fact I have to get started on a new one for the Colorado Police Department. 

At least we had sunshine for a change and not rain or snow.  My car door has thawed out as it was frozen shut.  Oh, I do love Colorado’s winters and the high dry climate.  

Well folks, I’m taking my own advice and going to bed.  Everyone have a great week and stay safe.  Remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.

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