Well, THE HANGMAN is finally up and for sale on Amazon in ebook format and paperback.  I hope whoever reads it will enjoy the story.  I have learned that not everyone likes what I write.  In some ways, it is like my oil painting.  When I was living in Florida with my mother many years ago, I stopped painting because I let other people’s opinion of what and how I should choose my subject matter and what I should put in my composition influence me.  It wasn’t until after my mother died and I found a fantastic art teacher that I started to enjoy applying paint to a blank canvas and watch my creation come alive under my efforts.  You see, I love to paint everything, especially ladybugs, butterflies, bees and so on.  I paint landscapes, seascapes, and beautiful mountains, and try my hand at people once in a while, but not everyone likes bugs.   The point of this comparison is simply this, to your own self be true.  Write, paint, or live the way you choose.  When others try to tell you how to live your life, write, or paint,  listen and glean the wisest bits of their advice, but live, write or paint what your heart tells you is right for you.

There will always be people who will put you down.  Someone told me once because there was a sex scene in my novel, I write dirty books.  This person hasn’t even read anything I have written.  It was a relative and it hurt to hear them say that.  But, I came to realize that was only one person’s opinion while others who have read my novels liked them and do not view them as dirty.  I will always tell my stories my way and as free of errors as possible, I hope.  Any writer, beginner or accomplished,  who puts words to papers deserves respect for their efforts and should only be given encouragement or constructive advice. So, if you don’t like my books, that’s okay, but tell me why so I can keep on improving. 

Well folks, it is late, I am tired.  The weekend is almost here.  Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.  Remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.



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