My sister’s son, my nephew, his wife and two grandchildren came to visit New Year’s Eve. They are delightful people. The children have grown so much since I last saw them in Colorado. They are just beautiful and two of the sweetest kids I have ever met. So far the visit has been great, and I think they have been enjoying themselves. Anyway, I hope so as sister really enjoys seeing her son, daughter-in-law and the kids. Their visit is really too short as they have to leave Friday to return home to Colorado.

stuffed from dinner

My sister has cooked like mad the last two days, to big meals which were absolutely delicious. I do the cleanup. Tonight we had baked ham, sauerkraut as good luck for the new year, plus several other delicious dishes. Needless to say, I stuffed myself. Tonight I feel like the proverbial Thanksgiving turkey, stuffed to the gills, or should I say the windpipe. Tomorrow is going to be a lean day for me. I don’t need any extra pounds on my body as I am trying to get myself back in physical shape. It’s just another goal I have set for myself for this new year.

Well, folks, 2019 is here. I don’t know whether to be excited or apprehensive. I choose to be excited about the possibilities stretching out before me. The new year is a blank slate, and we each have the chalk to write on it anyway we choose. It’s all up to us whether we put forth the effort to achieve our goals are not.  I have set several for myself now I must plan the time to accomplish that goal to complete three novels this year. That is to produce one every four months. It seems like an impossible task I have set my for myself, but it isn’t really as one of the novels is almost finished, TO CATCH A DREAM. Now the next two are a different story. ALL FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH ( I still need a bookcover for this one>) is outlined from beginning to end, the characters are listed, but it is in great need of rewriting, more character development, and expanding the storyline.

THE SNATCHER, the next book in the Jonas Black series, is in the beginning stages. I think I have 5000 words written so far on it. All the main characters are listed as they keep appearing in the Jonas Black books. I will be using the same detectives for a while until a story demands I lose one. Or they go away in a spinoff with their own story.

I have so many outlines for the Jonas Black books. They are all a brief synopsis of what is going to happen in each one without going into great detail. Once I get the three books finished for this year I have to choose the next Jonas Black book and two more romantic suspense novels. I have them all ready to be written. It is just a matter of having enough hours in a day.

Remember my motto, NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER. I will achieve my goal. I know it’s going to be a lot of work, but I will persevere to get it done.

Next comes finding the time to work on an oil painting I have promised the Colorado Springs Police Department. I need to get that done for them. A promise is a promise, and I don’t break mine. Plus I have several other painting ideas running around in my head. They are sort of an impressionistic style that I want to try. I’ll give it a go and let you know what happens.

Everyone have a fantastic week, stay safe and keep writing, and editing.

The best to you all for the new year.


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