For several months I have been looking at the book cover for A CIRCLE OF MURDERS. Finally, I came to a conclusion, I didn’t like it. As my college commercial art teacher used to say to me. KISS IT. Of course, Gene Yancey, a great commercial artist, liked to be funny in class. I asked him once what he meant by KISS IT. He told me that it meant KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Gene wasn’t calling any of his students stupid. He just wanted us to keep our drawings simplified as we were studying cartooning at the time. I really enjoyed his class. So when I kept looking at the book cover for A CIRCLE OF MURDERS, I knew I had to change it. So I have done just that. It’s a much cleaner, and I feel sharper image for the title. I kept it simple. So let me know what you think about it. I would greatly appreciate it.

Not this much snow, but enough

Well, when I got up this morning to take the dogs out, I was surprised to see the ground covered with snow, lots of snow. Not only that, the temperature was about 30° colder than yesterday morning. We got up yesterday to almost 60°. Today it was probably close to 30° if it made it that high, and I think the temperature dropped the rest of the day. It is colder. The temperature right now is 19° with a windchill of 6°. Thrill, thrill, thrill. Needless to say, I don’t like cold humid weather. But, you can’t control mother nature.

Well, sister and I spent the afternoon taking down the Christmas decorations, boxing them up and taking them down to the basement. I’m rather glad Christmas is over so I can get on to writing my books. I’ll start back to work on the books right after I cleaned the house. I may wait a day or two as I keep tracking in snow.

I really want to get Hannah done as well as THE SNATCHER and TO CATCH A DREAM. I change the title to FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH instead of ALL FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH. I think it’s a better title. I may even shorten it some more and just make the book titled HANNAH. Anyway, I found a photograph that I think is a perfect picture of my character. So I created a book cover and would like your opinion of that as well if you all would be so kind as to post a comment.

Anyway, you all have a great finish to the week and a great weekend. Be careful out there and stay safe. Remember: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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