Since it is after midnight and officially Saturday, the weatherman has predicted eight to ten inch of snow for us starting this afternoon.  We also have a winter storm warning in effect.  Thank God I went to Walmart and bought salt to put on the front steps.  Not that we are planning on leaving the house, especially since we’re supposed to have such heavy snowfall.  The high for today is twenty-eight.  Chilly.  I brought the snow shovel out of the garage and put it on the back porch so I can shovel a place for the pup to go do their business.  Titan is so short when we get three inches of snow, it is up to his belly.  Jo has longer legs and can manage, but boy when his feet get cold, I have to carry him.  They both have sweaters and little coats to wear outside to stay warm.  I’ve brought out my boots and down coat, so we are prepared.

I was unable to reach Pyewacket’s vet for the last two days.  I don’t know if she’s on vacation or what.  Pye is on insulin shots twice a day, and his medication was getting close to being none.  I thank God for the organization Stop the Overpopulation which takes care of about 90 cats.  Diana was able to order the insulin for me as they have treated him before for diabetes.  I’ll buy it from them from now on. 

Everyone wish me luck.  I am advertising THE STONE KILLER on Whizbuzz Books.  I’m slowly but surely learning how to market my novels.  If everything works out, I will also advertise THE HANGMAN, A CIRCLE OF MURDER and CREATING KATHRYN CROWN WITH THEM.  I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes.

Since it is late and I’m getting sleepy for a change (I have a tendency to be a night owl) I’m going to bed.  Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.


Dreamah �

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