My creative process is simple.  It begins, most of the time, with a quick blurb I have read, or a scene I witnessed on television.  There are times an idea just pops into my head.  The idea for a book can be the result of how I’m feeling at the moment, as with the case of my novel CREATING KATHRYN CROWN.  I was in a bad situation and wanted to be anyone other than who I was.  Also, I wanted to be anywhere else as well.  Thus the idea of what if a young woman awakened two thousand miles from home with someone else’s face popped into my head.  So I began to create a story to escape my circumstances.  My sister and I finished writing the story several years later.  I did remedy my problem by divorce without having to resort to a drastic measure.  Yeahhhhhhh for me.  I don’t look good in orange or stripes if you get my drift.  But it started me on the road to writing murder mysteries. 

When I write, I get these images in my mind of the scene, the people, what they’re wearing, doing and saying.  It’s like a frame by frame scene in a movie with the action going on.  Sometimes the frames come to a dead stop, and I have to let the story cook in my brain for a few days.  Then it’s back to work at the computer.  I have to tell you that being a writer is one tough job.  When the words flow, it’s great.  When they don’t come, ohhhhhhhhhh the frustration.  I want to pound my head to get the engine started.  I don’t of course because it would hurt like hell. 

Once I’ve gotten the storyline going, the ideas for a book cover begins to nag at me.  Since I create my own book covers, I start the search for the perfect photograph to use.  Sometimes it is a long hunt. It took a long time for me to find those murderous eyes for the cover of THE STONE KILLER.  The picture for THE HANGMAN was easier to find, as was the one for TO CATCH A DREAM.  Even the photo for THE SNATCHER was easier to locate.  It took me forever to discover what I wanted to use for CREATING KATHRYN CROWN, and it’s not as perfect as I want it to be.  The latest cover for A CIRCLE OF MURDERS is the third one I’ve created.  So you see, everything can be improved. 

I found the perfect picture for THE SNATCHER and THE GARDNER, but I’m still not happy with THE JUDGE or ON GABRIEL’S WATCH.  So as you can see, I have a lot of novels waiting to be finished.  They all have detailed outlined in their file, and some are partially written.  When a story idea hits me, I have to write it down with as much info as I can.  That’s why I have so many book to be finished. 

The three novels scheduled to be completed this year are, TO CATCH A DREAM, FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH, and THE SNATCHER.  Two of the books already have book covers.  I’ve been searching for just the right picture for HANNAH, and I think I’ve found it.  Hannah is a romantic suspense story with emphases on the love MARINE SERGEANT NATHAN C ROBERT, has for his wife.  Nate is killed in Afghanistan but refuses to cross over to protect his wife from people who want to harm her.  So this book cover had to be unique.  I may have found the perfect picture and would appreciate an EMAIL at to tell me what you think. 

Well, I have to get back to work.  Everyone have a great week and stay safe.  Since Wednesday we’re supposed to have a wind chill of minus twenty-four, I plan to stay inside unless the pups have to go out.  kEEP WARM everyone. Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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