I am happy to report that Stanley, old fuzzy face, in so much better. Sister has spoiled him rotten. It’s anything Stanley wants, Stanley gets including expensive wet food. Tuesday I went to three different places to find the cat food fuzzy face likes. None of them had it. Thank goodness they did have a salmon type he likes and his vet recommended. Stanley and the other three have been gobbling up the food like mad. What one gets, they all get. It’s just so good to see Fuzzy face eat and drink without throwing it up. He was such a sick baby and we were so worried about him. Thanks to his wonderful vet, Dr. Ackers, he is so much better. He will be thirteen May 15. Pyewacket and he are the oldest cats. Pye is about twelve, Bandit I believe is seven and Tigger will be two in October.

We have been having some crazy weather here in Ohio. One day is was sixty degrees, the next it didn’t get above freezing. For two days we had rain, this morning it snowed and was cold all day. Tomorrow it supposed to be in the upper forties. Time to make another trip to Walmart for more food for Stanley and the kids

I spent the afternoon vacuuming the house. JoJo loves to tear up paper. When we bring the mail in, he wait for a piece of an envelope so he can shred it. There were tiny pieces of paper all over the dining room carpet. Tomorrow I finish with dusting and cleaning the bathroom .

It’s late and I am tired. Everyone have a great week and stay safe. Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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