According to the weatherman, we’re supposed to have fifty to seventy mile an hour winds starting tomorrow. The prediction is for power outages, downed tree and all kinds of nasty things. I really hope it doesn’t happen. On top of that, it’s going to rain. Shortly after sister bought this house her basement flooded. She had five feet of water downstairs. The washing machine was floating, and she lost 99% of what was stored in the basement. So if we have a power outage, the sump pump won’t work. Yes, thanks to her son, she has a generator large enough to run the electricity for the entire house. When it’s running, it stinks like the gasoline it takes to keep it going. But we do have power and that is what matters. I have trouble with too many grey days. It is depressing to me. I need to see the sun. I think I suffer from SADS. All I know is its been too many days without sunshine.

Monday, the 25th, I’m supposed to take Jojo to the vet to have him neutered. Truthfully, I never gave the procedure much thought believing it was similar to a human vasectomy. When he acts up there have been times I’ve threatened him with having his balls cut off, but never knew that is exactly what happens to a male animal when they are neutered. I discovered this fact from watching Dr. Jeff, Mountain Vet on the television. All I can say is the poor creature. So on Monday, it’s going to happen. I do worry as Jo has a heart murmur. It’s a ten-minute procedure and in Colorado, the vets I went to wanted to charge a fortune for the job. I couldn’t afford their price. I do love my animals and it’s a lot cheaper here in Ohio. Dr. Jeff does not overcharge. From watching his program on the Animal Planet, he appears to be a kind compassionate man who cares deeply for his patients. I do commend him highly.

I am happy to say I finally created a book cover for the novel I am currently working, FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH. I’m going to include the book blurb in this blog along with a jpeg of the book cover. So let me know what you think. It’s a romantic suspense ghost story. It is strange how some ideas for a book won’t let you go until you have put words to paper and told the characters story. FOR LOVE OF HANNAH is one of those. Marine Sergeant Nathan C. Roberts and Hannah Noel Robert are two of those characters. They wanted their love story told and won’t leave me alone until I finish the book. So below is the book blurb. I am working hard on finishing the novel.


It was THAT day again.  It didn’t matter how many sunrises had come and gone, that date existed on the calendar like a black tumor, all the while growing with remembered pain.  It was the one day seared in Hannah Noel Robert’s brain like a wound which had been cauterized, a burning agony from the kiss of a hot blade.  The dreaded moment when she had opened the front door and stared at two Marines, in dress blue uniforms, with grave expressions on their faces. 

“Noooooooooooooooooooooo!” had wailed from the depths of her soul, as sobbing, she dropped to her knees knowing what their visit meant.  And the heartbreak they would inflict.  Her husband wouldn’t be coming home from Afghanistan.

Marine Sergeant Nathan C Roberts hadn’t planned on dying in Afghanistan from a sniper’s bullet.  But, he did.  Now Nate can’t leave his wife, Hannah.  He refuses to enter the light that tries to draw him away.  Utterly unaware of time passing, he finds himself standing on the balcony of his home on Hanover Street in St. Petersburg, Florida.  His wife, Hannah and her cousin, Karen Joyce Thompson, are packing all his clothing into cardboard boxes.  He learns it has been a year since his death as they discuss Hannah having to let him go and move on with her life.

A former friend of his, Paul Dawson, has appeared in her life once more.  He is nice looking, tall, a former cop turned private investigator.  He seems to genuinely care about her. 

He appears to be a stable man and believes he is what Hannah needs in her life.  But, when Paul proposes, Hannah realizes she doesn’t love him and rejects his offer of marriage.  All too soon, she learns that Paul’s looks and manners are deceiving.  Behind his loving attitude, lives an obsessive personality, with an ulterior motive that now threatens her life. 

Alarmed, Nate doesn’t like or trust the man.  With good reason.  He watches and waits, all the while sensing Paul is dangerous.  Knowing that his time on earth is running out, Nate soon discovers the monstrous plot that Paul has planned.  Can he save his wife from the scheming plans of an evil man?  Or will evil win and Nate be joined with Hannah forever in death?

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