I feel horrible. I must be a bad fur baby mother is all that I can say. Monday I took JoJo to have him neutered. He was driving the cats crazy wanting to get too friendly with them. What’s sad, is that three are male cats. The female cat, Bandit, just slaps the heck out of him so he leaves her alone. There must be a female dog in heat in the neighborhood. Anyway, the deed is done and he is recovering. I have been babying him since the 25th. On Tuesday I went back to the vet and got him some pain pills, carrying his food and water to him and spoiling him even more than he is. He is doing much better, but, he is mad at me. I can tell because he gives me this look as if to say, “What have you done to me?” Boy, do I feel guilty.

Starting Sunday, we’re going to be getting MUCH colder here in Ohio. Anyway, a lot colder than I’m used to in Colorado. I talk to my friend in the Springs today. she said It was close to 60 there. We were in the 40s and had sunshine part of the day. As I said it’s going to change and get down in the teens and single digits at night next week. I’ll be staying home where it’s warm. The humidity is what bothers me the most, not the cold. Colorado was nice and dry and when it snowed, it was gone by noon the next day unless it snowed again. Contrary to what people think, Colorado Springs has rather mild winters. That is not to say they don’t get a blizzard once in a while. They do. Oh well, you can’t fight Mother Nature. She’ll win every time.

I am still learning as much as I can about marketing. There is a lot to learn. I signed on to MailChimp today to help build an e-mail list. What I know about marketing you can put on the head of a stickpin. I still have to add a signup form to my website and to this blog. Otherwise, you have to signup at MailChimp. if you do subscribe to my e-mail list, you can receive a downloadable PDF of my novel CREATING KATHRYN CROWN or A CIRCLE OF MURDERS. They received five-star reviews on Amazon so give it a try. Sign up.

Well, it is almost midnight and needless to say I am tired. All my fur babies are in their beds and asleep, even Jojo. Time for me to do the same. Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe. Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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