Yesterday afternoon, it started to snow. What was so weird about it was the fact that I dreamed it was snowing before I got out of bed that morning. In fact, I told my sister about the dream. I was hoping I was wrong because I had to drive to Walmart to buy some cat food and litter. Also, the dogs are getting low on their food. Anyway, around 1:00 that afternoon Sister told me to go because it had started to snow. I rushed to my car and hurried to Walmart. Would you believe the shelf was bare for the type of food I buy the cats? I left the store and forgot to buy a couple of things I had put on my list. I came home and pulled up Now I have a question for you to think about. Do you realize all the work involved in going to the store? First, we make a list, drive to the store, walk all over selecting the items we put INTO the cart. Then we walk to the checkout line and EMPTY THE CART so the cashier can ring the items up. Again we RELOAD the cart and take everything to our vehicle where we UNLOAD THE CART and put all our purchases into the trunk. We drive home and AGAIN, UNLOAD the trunk and carry all the stuff into the house to be put away. Anyway, I got wet as it was snowing like mad the entire time. I placed an order with Chewy on Friday and it was delivered to my doorstep on Saturday. I eliminated a lot of lifting by simplifying the process and placing my order online. Yeahhhhhhhh.

I just checked the outside temperature. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It is 6 degrees. It’s going to be cold here all week. The high for Tuesday is 17 and I have to go out in it for an appointment. Thank God for down coats, gloves and scarfs.

I am going through FOR LOVE OF HANNAH chapter by chapter and listing all the action and pertinent thing that are happening so I won’t miss anything important. Also, that way I can see how the story is unfolding in this rewrite plan what is to come next in the way of changes. I believe it’s a good idea and should have done this from the start. I’ll have to do the same thing with TO CATCH A DREAM as well as THE SNATCHER. I’ll be doing it to all my books from now on.

Well, everyone have a great week and stay safe. Remember my motto, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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