When I placed my order with, I discovered they had Greenies for cats. I buy Greenies for my dogs all the time to help keep their teeth clean. Anyway, I ordered some for my cats. I have one cat, my feline HIV diabetic big black boy whose teeth have been terrible since he’s been sick. Since the order arrived and he’s been eating the Greenies every day, his teeth are getting whiter. I am so happy for my precious fur baby. He has had some major health issues, but we hung in there together and he is so much better. Not as good health-wise as he once was, but doing great for the shape he is in. He is the best cat of the four and the sweetest natured. He’s never once scratched me or tried to bite me or the vet no matter what they do to him. He is my perfect boy.

Wouldn’t you just know it? I thought I might have caught a cold, which I never do.  But no. I have to come down with a blasted sinus infection. No wonder I’ve been feeling like crap. No energy, can’t concentrate on the book like I want, tired all the time and sleepy. I sit down after dinner and fall asleep in the chair. I do have trouble sleeping at times so I bought some Melatonin which helps. My sinuses kept getting worse so I had to go to the doctor and get some antibiotics yesterday. Felt somewhat better today. Still not much energy. Tomorrow has to be better. I have a lot of work to get done.  

The weather here is crazy. We are going from the thirties to sixty-five on Thursday and then work our way back down into the thirties again by Saturday. The weatherman was even talking about snow flurries. WHERE IS SPRING????????? I am tire of Ohio’s crazy winter weather. I need to see some flowers blooming. I did see two robins in the front yard yesterday. Maybe there is hope spring is on the way. SOON?

I asked my sister, the one who used to do my editing for me but who had to quit because her husband became ill, to look over the first chapter of Hannah. She tells me I am doing too much telling instead of the classic SHOWING. So I am going back over what I have done and changing the telling by showing via dialogue and action. I will continue to work on the rewrite of the storyline until I have the book exactly the way it should be. I just need to get over this sinus problem so my brain will work. When I’m sick, I can’t think clearly. Can anyone?

Well folks, a new week is stretching before us. Everyone have a great time, be productive and stay healthy and safe. Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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