I created a long list of scenes to be added to FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH. It makes it so much easier to go from scene to scene this way without having to go back and check to see what action happened.  I was able to write over a thousand words this afternoon. I was hoping to write a lot more but didn’t. My goal is two-thousand or more per day. When you have fur babies, you have a lot of interruptions.

Me in the mornings.

I wish I could just get up, have breakfast, and start writing. That is impossible for me. First off, I don’t get to sleep until after one in the morning. I am up several times during the night either for myself or because the pups have to go outside. The cats have their litter box so don’t wake me unless Stanley decides to run across the bed. And NO I wouldn’t get rid of my animals for anyone or anything. They are my children. So, I sleep until 8:30 then I get up and feed the kids, they are a hungry bunch first thing in the morning. Then I do what I have to do each a.m. and then start to write about two in the afternoon and stop around four-thirty. I do have to spend some time with my dear sister. As the saying goes, I’ll get err done, eventually.

I have been using the software, Grammarly. Until recently I paid a monthly fee for the premium version. And I liked the program. BUT, when I type, I have a problem with either adding on or leaving off ‘ed, s’s and such where it none is needed, and other crazy things I can do to words. YES, I know that is what line by line editing is supposed to do, and does to a great extent. But, the human mind is a tricky son of a bitch. It will mentally add in the correct word so your eyes do not see all your mistakes. My sister was fantastic at finding my errors, but can’t do my editing anymore. Grammarly does not go over a document line by line and catch these ridiculous errors. Grammarly does not understand the American way of writing. The company is located in England, which is fine. I did find the software helpful in many ways and do appreciate the efforts of the creators. It is fantastic what they have done to help anyone who wants to write. I have found a software program that does go over each line of my manuscript and does catch my mistakes. It also forces me to rewrite sentences which don’t make a lot of sense. GINGER SOFTWARE GRAMMAR CHECK does go over each line, which is a great help to me. So check it out. You can download it for free or purchase a premium version. I’ve tried it and I REALLY like it.

Today was a sad day for me. I received a call from a dear friend in Florida this morning. He called to let me know a mutual friend of ours had committed suicide at home yesterday. I was told he had not been himself for over a month. I did not inquire as to all the details as my friend was clearly upset and it is enough to say the poor man is dead. May he, at last, be at peace.

Tomorrow is Saturday. May you all have a great weekend and stay safe. Just believe in yourself and you can overcome anything. You have to work at it, but always remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER. You are loved.


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