Canadian Geese

Where I live here in Ohio, out behind the house, there’s a stocked community pond.  The kids in the neighborhood come on warm sunny days to catch and release a fish or two.  Close to dawn, the other morning came an awful racket in the backyard.  I ignored it because I wasn’t ready to get out of bed.  Later, after getting up, I took the dogs out right away.  That’s when I heard them, the geese honking and staring in my direction.  Jojo and Titan went nuts barking after doing their business.  I was afraid the pups might scare them away.  Not those two big birds.  They stood at the edge of the pond and honking away.  Today, Ozzie and Harriet, which I named the geese, have brought friends.  Now, instead of a pair, there are four.  At this moment the pups are on their leads outside and having a ball barking.  The troupe of four turned their backs, slipped into the water and swam out of sight to another part of the pond.  They are such beautiful birds. 

I mentioned before I do paintings in oil.  Color plays an important part in my life.  I feel sorry for those poor souls who are color blind and can’t see the magnificence array around us.  Take today.  Right now, the bright yellow sun is warming the earth and nourishing the ground and trees.  Soon a gray-green fuzz will appear on the branches.  Just off one end of the back porch, and in the ground, is a good size rock.  Tender bright green shoots are beginning to spring up as if overnight.  The lawns of the homes behind us is changing from winter’s tan and brown, sporting the new growth of spring.  People in the neighborhood are out feeding, and some, even mowing.  What, I don’t know.  But they’re already at it. The color spectrum ranges from the day’s earliest light to midnight.  One morning at sunrise, the pups had to go out.  The eastern sky was multiple shades of rose to blood red.  An angry start to the lovely day. Later, the morning gave way to a soft pale blue with white clouds.  Then there are the days when the earth seems saddened by what man has done.  The days when God cries and saturates the ground with His tears.  I admire the Native Americans.  They believe we are the caretaker of this land.  Instead, we abuse our Mother Earth something horribly.   Last, night will fall, changing the light from blues into the various shade of lavender, purples all the way to the deepest eggplant.  Time for all creatures to rest.  So the color wheel turns.  This is just the opinion of a crazy writer and artist. 

great program

Editing.  I thought when sister and I read over each sentence of the books, editing was a tough job.  And it was.  This new program I purchased makes what we did looked easy in comparison.  I never knew there was such a thing as “a sticky sentence”.   This program checks style, grammar, overused words, readability, sticky, diction, repeat words, dialogue tags, pacing, pronouns, smooth transitions, and much more.  By the time I check each category, my head is spinning.  But I have learned a lot about rewriting sentences and eliminating too many pronouns.  The program is ProWritingAid, and it is worth every penny.  It wasn’t that expensive, thank goodness.  But since sister is no longer doing my editing, this is a great help.  I need all the help I can get to make FOR LOVE OF HANNAH my best romantic suspense novel so far.

Everyone have a great week,. Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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