First I apologize for not posting a blog for so long. I have done nothing but focus on writing. I took a short story of 26,000 words and expanded it to 73,000. I worked hard on the storyline and the characters to make them as real as possible. Five months it has taken me to work out the kinks and make this novel as plausible as I can. Of course, I had a couple of weeks with a URI and a sinus infection which didn’t help my writing time. When all you do is cough, it’s hard to focus on what you’re typing into the computer. So please forgive my delay in posting blogs.

I ACHIEVED MY GOAL! I have been busting my butt getting the first draft of FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH finished by the end of May. I DID IT. I have even started the first edit and rewrite. My deadline for that is the end of June. Then on to TO CATCH A DREAM to be completed no later than August. September, October, November, and December will be devoted to another Jonas Black novel, THE SNATCHER. Of course, as I am working on one, the other is churning in my brain. That is the way my process works. Or used to anyway. I’ve discovered a new technique of listing scenes for the book and then set out to complete each one in the order they should appear. It worked well with FOR LOVE OF HANNAH. I have a couple of friends who are reading the first draft for content and consistency, and any suggestions for improvement or additions to the story.

TO CATCH A DREAM shouldn’t be hard to complete. I have written 65,000 words of it already. I just have to tie everything together and finish the ending. That shouldn’t take long. THE SNATCHER is different. It is in the beginning stages and the storyline must be worked out with all the who, what, when, where, why, and how, plus the emotional factor. It’s all in my brain if I can just convey the images to the printed word. Wish me luck.

Canadian Geese

Well, the weekend is starting. All my critters are doing well. Even old Pyewacket. He gets his insulin shots twice a day and is hanging in there. I love that old cat. He is the best of the group and never causes a problem. I haven’t seen Ozzie or Harriet at the pond lately. I miss them. I do hear them sometimes over in that direction honking early in the morning. They should have laid eggs by now and have babies.

It is late and I need to get to bed. Everyone take care and stay safe. Have a great weekend. Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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