I have four different editing programs on my computer to assist in finding all those silly errors my fingers manage to make when I am writing. Each program is great for what it does. BUT, it does not catch every single goof I insert into my novel. I have used the Microsoft spelling and grammar check, Ginger, Grammarly, and ProWritingAid on Hannah to locate all my crazy, simple mistakes. Today, I was talking with my sister, who is reading the finished product for consistency, and she pointed out one I have never even considered, worse and worst. The English language has so many words which are pronounced almost the same but mean different things. Worse and Worst are two. Worse is used to compare two things, and not for the better. Worst is used when a thing is inferior to something else, like best, only in a negative way. So now I’m checking to see if I have used the word correctly. Crazy.

I imagine by the time I finish adding a section here and there in FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH, I will reach my goal of 82,000, words. At the present time, the story is a couple of hundred words over 73,000. I believe that a story takes however many words needed to tell it and no more. All the rest is filler. I will see where the word count ends. There are a couple of scenes I want to add, and then I’ll call it finished. Wish me luck. All my other novels have hit over 90,000.

I made a list from my document file of the novels I have rough outlines for. Twenty. That is correct. I have roughed out storylines for twenty books to write. Some have as many as twenty to twenty-five thousand words written. some as little as one hundred-twenty-four words. One has over 65,000 words. Needless to say, that is my next project TO CATCH A DREAM. Then my focus is on THE SNATCHER. I have just started writing it. HANNAH, TO CATCH A DREAM, and THE SNATCHER are the stories I want to complete for 2019. Pray for me.

For the year 2020, I plan on finishing ON GABRIEL’S WATCH, STEALING TIME and THE EXECUTIONER. These novels are farther along then some of the others. Like I asked, Pray for me to achieve my goals.

Back to work. Everyone have a great week and stay safe. Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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