I am happy to report I have finished the novel FOR LOVE OF HANNAH. I’m very tired today because I didn’t get much sleep last night. And today, I have been busy reading Hannah out loud, looking for any mistakes I have missed. I successfully narrowed the overused words, THAT 247, COULD 298, and WOULD 284, down to double digits below 85 for each word. It was a tough job. I had to rewrite numerous sentences, and in doing so, I eliminated a lot of pronouns which I had overused. Which is good. But the story seems to flow much better. My suggestion to everyone who is a writer, author, when you are in the final edit of your book, read the story out loud so you will hear the inconsistencies. I owe thanks to a friend of mine for the suggestion. He was here visiting with my nephew and told me to try reading it out loud. So thanks, Joe.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Ohio. The sun came out. It was bright and sunny all day. My niece came over and managed to plant a single row of tomatoes in the garden. Last night it started to rain. AGAIN. And today it began to rain around four o’clock. It is raining now. There are flash flood warnings out for our area and North East Ohio. Rain is predicted for nearly every day up to and including Monday, 24 June. I am so sick and tired of gray cloudy days I would like to scream but do not wish to terrify the neighbors. The farmers here in Ohio can’t even get their crops planted. And the crops they have planted are getting waterlogged. So fresh vegetables will be going up in price. Be prepared for it. f

Other than working like mad editing, I haven’t done much else. I did manage to get out to Walmart today to buy some food for my dogs. I can’t let them go hungry. The cats have plenty of food. I shop at for both cats and dogs.

So I am going back to work on Hannah and see how much more I can complete tonight.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend thus far. Take care of yourselves and stay safe. Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER. 


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