How I feel for being stupid.

If it was possible, I would love to be able to kick myself in the butt. All day I worked using my editing program.  Everything was working out fantastic. I had highlighted the next several pages for editing and rewriting when this little screen popped up informing me I had selected too much text and did I wish to continue. Since I had only highlighted the two pages, I hit the yes button. Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize, somehow the entire document had been selected. Now I had already edited 28 pages today. Unfortunately, a glitch happened, and I could not shut down the editing program down. All the work I had accomplished today ended up being lost because I had to close Microsoft Word to leave the editing program. So now I am back hard at work trying to re-create everything I did today, all the rewrites, all the deletes, every single edited portion of the book. I will make a valid point of being more attentive to what this program is asking from now on. Oh well, as they say, we can’t cry over spilled milk. Just go back and try to redo it and get it done. I have to say with all the editing I have already accomplished, my novel FOR LOVE OF HANNAH is coming along quite well. All the additions and rewrites have added to the storyline of the novel. Even though I screwed up ProWritingAid’s method of making corrections, I have to say I am very impressed with this editing program. It catches all my little idiosyncratic type of errors that I am prone to make, like adding ED where none is needed, and S on a word that does not require it, and several other weird little habits I have when I’m writing. Thank God I found the program, thanks to the man on Facebook who suggested I check it out.

I have to say that we have gone straight from spring into days of hot muggy summer weather. At least the upper northeast of Ohio seems to be drying out somewhat. Where I live, we have been fortunate not to have had any flooding. Other areas were under 5 feet or more of water. So many people have been put out of their homes and it is so sad. I only pray that most have flood insurance or can receive some type of assistance.

My niece’s summer garden is going to be a sparse this year. So far the only thing she has been able to plant are several types of tomato plants, hot pepper plants, and that’s about it. It is too late to plant green beans, even though I believe I think she did put several beans in the ground today. I know many of the farmers around this area have missed their planting time for a fall harvest. So, people, locally grown vegetables are going to be expensive and scarce this year.

Thanks for listening to my bitching about my stupid mistake. Everyone have a great Sunday and upcoming Fourth of July. Please stay safe if you are shooting off fireworks. Always remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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