I deeply apologize for not keeping up with this blog.  My only excuse is my focus has been on completing FOR LOVE OF HANNAH.  With the new ProWritingAid program, which is now on the computer, editing had been made easier only in the sense this writing aid shows how many (and way TOO many) pronouns have been used on a page.  To improve this story, each page has been reviewed and dutifully corrected to the suggested percentage the publishers or this program recommends.  The process has been long and exhausting and still, the book is not finished.  There are approximately seventeen more pages to go before adding the additional research information which should add a great deal to the story.  Then comes the final grammar and spelling check and HANNAH will be complete.  This writing aid has helped me improve how I write a sentence.  This program makes a writer more conscious of how and what is written.  The price is not exorbitant and is well worth the investment. 

Over the past two weeks, in between editing, I have read three of David Baldacci’s novels. These were older books published in 2006 and 2008.  As much as I love thrillers, the fact this author escaped my attention is was surprising.  But, now the time limit to complete HANNAH is drawing closer and closer and that deadline must be met.  THE SNATCHER is next on the agenda and the completion date is the end of the year.  TO CATCH A DREAM is only twenty-five to thirty thousand words short of completion.  What takes the most time on any book is the editing.  Boy, does that take up the hours.  So, this is the reason I have been lax in keeping up with this blog.  Again, I apologize.

Other than working on this book, or driving to the store, I have been staying at home.  The weather has been rather warm and the humidity high, so inside with the air conditioning and at this computer is where I stay.  Coming from Colorado where there is not a lot of humidity, to me this heat feels sweltering. 

Here in Ohio, the time is racing toward one in the morning; and I’d better get to bed.  Tomorrow, back to editing.  Everyone have a great week, and remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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