Last Friday, I took the pups, Titan and JoJo, to the vet for their yearly shots of rabies and parvo.  We came home, and I thought everything was fine, but boy was I wrong.  My poor JoJo began to itch and scratch, not too badly at first.  But, as Saturday and Sunday progressed, the scratching became worse, and he had developed a large knot near his left groin area.  By Monday, the itch was driving Jo crazy, and he had developed hives.  I called the vet, but she wasn’t going to be in that afternoon.  The earliest my baby could see the vet was four this afternoon.  So, I rushed to Kroger’s and bought a bottle of children’s Benadryl.  Thank God it helped with the itching and the hives.  So far today, with another dose of Benadryl, Jo is not itching as much, but without the medication, he’d be scratching like mad, and the knot is not as large as it was before.  My Titan, thank God, has not suffered any ill effects.  I’ll post the results of the vet visit. 

Pyewacket, my black male cat, is also going to the vet to have his sugar tested.  He has diabetes and gets insulin shots each morning and at bedtime.  He was diagnosed this past year, and I feared he wasn’t going to survive.  He has bounced back and is doing great.  He is such a sweet loving cat and shows his affection to me every day.  I love all my fur babies and would miss even one of them. That is why I have Dr. Akers to keep them healthy. She is the best vet for my animals and is reasonably priced, not like a couple I called when I arrived in Mansfield.  Stanley went to the vet last Friday along with the pups.  He received two shots as he was coming down with an upper respiratory problem.  He’s still sneezing but should be okay. 


Well, the tomato plants in the garden have grown like weeds.  One plant is almost five feet tall.  All the plants are loaded with huge tomatoes.  My niece plants a couple of “Mortgage Lifters” which are large delicious tomatoes created by a man in West Virginia and are named so because he sold so many he was able to pay off his mortgage.  The tomatoes from that plant are delicious.  She also planted some beefsteak tomato plants, and they have produced a lot as well.

All I’m going to say about FOR LOVE OF HANNAH, is I’m still editing the book.  Damn, damn, damn.

Everyone have a great week and stay safe.  Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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