Like I said before, the pups got their rabies shots which will last them three years.  JoJo is doing much better.  The itching has greatly decreased, and the hives are all gone.  Pyewacket is on antibiotics for his upper respiratory infection, his ears are clean, and Dr. Ackers upped his insulin by one unit, and he is doing great.  But, boy is it fun getting that liquid antibiotic down his throat.  He doesn’t like it, but doesn’t try to scratch or bite me.  He is one good cat.  If you could have seen him last September, most people would have put him down.  I couldn’t.  He would look at me and cry as if sensing I was contemplating that very thing.  I had to give him every chance to get well, and he has bounced back, and now weighs fifteen pounds and is my big black wonderful cat.


The vet gave Stanley two antibiotic shots which are supposed to take care of his upper respiratory problem.   But, he is still sneezing and this morning threw up multiple times.  If he is not better by Monday, back to the vet he goes. 


Last night was rough.  My poor puppy Titan, for some unknown reason, developed a severe case of diarrhea.  I was up taking him outside every forty-five minutes.   To stop his runs, I gave the pup three doses of Pepto Bismol.  So I didn’t get much sleep until six–forty-five this morning and then only until nine-thirty, but the Pepto seems to have stopped the diarrhea.  I did take a nap this afternoon. 

Mortgage lifters

You would not believe the number of tomatoes on those plants. Sister is going to have to do a lot of canning or make salsa out of them because there are a lot more ready to be picked and they are delicious.  Between the tomatoes and the green beans, sister has been busy. 

Well, I worked on FOR LOVE OF HANNAH some more this afternoon.  How in the hell I missed the mistakes I am still finding is beyond me.  You would think these blasted editing programs would catch more of the errors, but no, they skip right over them.  Why am I paying for these three services, Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and Ginger,  if they can’t catch all the mistakes?  I guess the answer is simply because they can’t.  Whoever created the programs can’t write code to catch every mistake.  Oh well, I’ll keep editing line by line and do the best I can. 

Everyone have a great Sunday and stay safe.  Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER no matter how hard things get.


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