Sister made her salsa the other day.  All morning she cleaned various types of peppers, onions, and other vegetables which go into the mix.  She was smart this year and purchased a 102-ounce can of diced tomatoes to use instead of having to peel those we’d picked and then chop them.  It worked out great.  That afternoon, she cooked everything in a large pot until it had thickened.  She had to boil the jars and lids in another container to sterilize them.  After all that, she filled the jars while I put the lids on for her.  Once that is done, the filled jars have to be put in boiling water for fifteen minutes, taken out of the water and we wait to see if the lids pop to indicate the salsa is good to store.  Otherwise, that jar will go in the fridge to be eaten.  Of course, it’s all to be eaten, but not immediately.  After all that work, Sister had eight pints and four half-pints of salsa.  As for me, that’s too much work for such a little outcome.  The grocery store sells a large variety of salsa.  That works for me.  But, fresh garden grown tomatoes are wonderful. 

The last few mornings here in Ohio have been cool.  The trees are changing more each day.  The red and yellow leaves are carried by the breeze all over the yard and porch.  Even the air smells different.  Yesterday the temperature remained low enough we turned off the air conditioning and opened the doors and window to let the fresh air inside.  Tonight the low is sixty-one and tomorrow night, fifty-one.  Crazy. 

So far, and thank you, God, the fur babies all seem to be in good shape.  Well, except Pyewacket.  He eats too fast and sometimes upchucks, which he did at five o’clock this morning.  I’m a light sleeper so heard him immediately and got out of bed to clean up the mess before going back to bed.  My poor baby.  Sister says that what happens when you have a bunch of children, human or fur babies.  I love them just as much as if they were human.  They are my children, and I take good care of each one, and I’m very protective of them. 

Thank God, I’m coming to the end of editing FOR LOVE OF HANNAH.  I’ve not progressed as fast as I wanted due to unavoidable interruptions, vet visits, and doctor visits, but I am coming to the end of the book.  I am ready to go to work on THE SNATCHER or TO CATCH A DREAM, probably will work on DREAM as I’m working out all the details out on THE SNATCHER.  Whatever works is what I will do. 

Last year was not a good one for me health-wise.  That is all behind me, again thank God.  I also promised my friends at the Colorado Police Department another painting, which I haven’t done.  The canvas is primed and on my easel ready to go.  On breaks from writing, I will work on keeping my promise to my friends at the CSPD.  I have a strong urge to start painting again. 

Time to get back to work.  Everyone have a great week and weekend.  Stay safe and healthy.  Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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