I have perused every sentence in my novel, FOR LOVE OF HANNAH, checking each word to be as sure as I can everything is correct, utilizing three editing programs, which don’t agree about the same correction.  That’s been fun and frustrating.  Question for all three, can’t you agree when to use a comma?  And why haven’t you been coded to know, IT’S means IT IS?  No, they can’t manage to do it for some unknown reason.  I have done the best I can to produce a clean, error-free manuscript.  I am declaring Hannah at last finished.  Now, I am praying hard, to find an agent who will believe in my writing as much as I do.  I don’t claim to be the best, but I am far from being the worst writer.  Pray, I succeed in my quest.  To all those individuals who are praying for the same thing, my prayers for your success are with you. 

Rain, at last, arrived here today.  It has been dry for the last couple of weeks.  Sister has had to water the garden several times.  But those tomato plants keep on producing big juicy red and yellow tomatoes.  The yellow ones are milder and not as acidic.  The beefsteak tomatoes are delicious.  Soon, the garden will die and winter will arrive.  We have four more days of hot weather predicted before cooler temperatures blow in.  On the news tonight it appears as if winter has already arrived in Montana.  I hope we have a mild one this year, but doubt that will happen.  Oh well, you can’t control the weather.  

I bumped the back of my left hand last week and also had a cut on the wrist.  Last Friday, when I awoke, my left hand was badly swollen, hot and red.  I went to the doctor and found out I had cellulitis of the hand.  I’m on an antibiotic, and my hand is much better.  My left fingers were swollen, and it was difficult to use them, so no typing except with my right hand.  All is better, thank you. I was going to post a picture, but, believe me, you don’t want to see it.

A new week lies ahead.  Everyone have a great one and stay safe.  Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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