Our Thanksgiving Day was a reflection of what a lot of people experienced across the country, delicious food and drink.  Too much for anyone to consume at one sitting, but try we all did, overeating until I was uncomfortable and tired from helping sister prepare the meal.  Then after dinner, you all know how it is, comes the cleanup.  By that time you’re not in the mood to do much of anything let alone fill a dishwasher or scrub a pot, platter or carving board.  But it has to be done.  No one wants to face the next day with a sink full of dirty dishes, pots or pans.  So, as a good sister, I cleaned up the kitchen.  I have to say, it was nice having family around me this year.  By not living close to sisters, many holidays, I spent alone or with a couple of friends.  The day after we lazed around recouping from too much food, and pumpkin pie.  I do love pumpkin pie. 

Last night, of course my pups had to go out around 3:00 a.m.  The rain was blowing across the back porch and drenching everything.  JoJo and Titan hurried off the deck and peed then rushed back inside so I could dry the poor babies off, me included.  Then we went back to bed, the pups went to sleep, while I fought with Stanley my big Ragdoll cat.  Lately, every morning around 3:30 or 4:00 he decides he wants a drink of water from the bathroom faucet.  To wake me up, he bangs the shower doors against each other.  The sound is loud enough to wake me, but not break the glass in the doors.  I have a spray bottle and use it on him.  After a couple of times getting hit with a shot of water, he’ll settle down in his bed, and I go back to sleep.  It isn’t that the fur babies don’t have water available; two bowls of fresh are in the bathroom day and night.  Stanley happens to like running water from the spigot, and during the daylight hours that’s where he gets a drink.  Yes, all my animals are spoiled, and it’s my fault and my sister’s.   

This past year has been a lesson for me in writing my novel.  When you rush to complete a book, sometimes you have to do a LOT of rewriting.  Such was the case with FOR LOVE OF HANNAH.  I wrote like a manic for several months to finish the story.  First, after I sent the book to literary agents, and post-editing the manuscript numerous times line by line myself and with the aid of three editing program, I discovered numerous mistakes.  So I did another round of edits.  One agent was kind enough to tell me what kept her from representing my book.  The suspense was not consistent throughout the story.  I pulled the submissions from any agency I hadn’t heard from and did a review of the events in the novel.  All the necessary suspense was there, but all grouped together and not spread throughout the storyline.  I did a lot of rearranging and adding to the plot.  The book has gone from a little over 82,000 words to almost 88,000.  And, I’m not done yet.  As sister says, the book will be completed when the story is as well written as I can make it.  Keep an eye out FOR LOVE OF HANNAH, TO CATCH A DREAM and THE SNATCHER in 2020.  Check out my published novels on 

Well, back to work.  Everyone have a great week and stay safe.  Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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