I can’t believe May 15, is here.  I had to stop and think where last year and the first four months of this have gone.  I know I’ve been busy rework my novel, FOR LOVE OF HANNAH, and editing the new version.  I am thankful for the editing programs I’ve purchased.  I’ve also discovered a program that reads my novel to me, Natural Reader.  I wish I had known of and bought these years ago.  Writers who have never heard of these writing tools, check out ProWritinAid and Natural reader.  You’ll be far ahead in your craft.

It is surprising no matter how many times you review your manuscript for errors, how your eyes and brain will skip a mistake.  I’ll bet I’ve gone over FOR LOVE OF HANNAH  a dozen times since I finished the rewrite and still when I used Natural Reader I found multiple goofs.  I’m on the second reading and hope and pray this is the final edit. 

When I finished Hannah in 2019, I wasn’t happy with the storyline even though it had a beginning, middle, end, and everything was consistent.  Somehow it lacked the emotional impact I wanted to achieve.  I published the book anyway.  A mistake.  I wasn’t happy with the final result.  I unpublished it and spent 2020 rewriting the first half of the story.  I feel it is a much better book for the effort. 

Outside of working on my novels, staying home, and going out only if necessary, I watched a TV series I’d never seen, Game of Thrones, which I loved, and a lot of movies.  A few were a big disappointment.  I’m not a big fan of remakes.  Few are as good as the original version.  I could name several, but won’t as I do not wish to offend anyone.  There are so many marvellous stories written I do not understand why they are not chosen for new movies.  Anyway, enough hashing over something out of my control.

Canadian Geese

Our winter wasn’t too bad even if we did had three days of continual snow that reached the top step of the porch.  It took a long time to melt.  My pups were not happy, as it would have been over their backs.  I am glad to say once the weather changed, the Canadian geese, Ozzie and Harriet, returned to the pond this year.  The ducks came back as well.  Since the middle of May has arrived and all the trees are green, spring is a welcome change from the cold.  A fresh new year for all of us with better days ahead. 

Everyone stay safe and well.  We’re not totally out of the wood yet, folks.  Always remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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