In June I said I was done with FOR LOVE OF HANNAH. I fibbed. You know how something will bug you until you discover what is wrong? Well, that was Hannah. So I went over Hannah three more times, added things, deleted others. The last read through told me I had done the best editing job I could and to leave it alone. The Kindle edition and paperback have been upload. Unless someone tells me how to improve this book, I won’t touch it again. I do have to arrange for an audio book to be done. Hopefully it won’t take long.

My next novel in the Jonas Black series has been on the shelf for two years. Time to dust off the pages and finish the story. The characters have been waiting patiently for me to work on their pages. Time to get it done. In between working on THE SNATCHER I’ll do a bit of editing on my other novels to fine tune them. With the programs I have now, I’ve learned a lot about editing and writing. So I’ll keep you posted as to how everything is going. One reason I want to get back to this story, I need to work on a mystery. Have you ever had one of those weeks or days when you’d like to commit murder, but it’s too damn messy. Not to mention I don’t look good in stripes or orange jumpsuits. That’s one reason I write murder mysteries. I don’t have to clean up or dispose of a body. And I won’t go to jail. My week so far has been such a time. So I’ll work on my murder mystery and feel better. I hope you all have the same type of outlet.

My niece’s garden this has produced an abundance of tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes. We can’t eat them fast enough. She ended up with six cherry tomato plants by mistake. They are delicious, but too many to eat. Sorry to say a lot will rot on the vine.

I want to wish you all a great upcoming weekend. Have fun, get vaccinated, stay safe, and wear a mask. REMEMGER: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER


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