Each book listed is based on an incident read in a newspaper article or some other form of inspiration. Ideas for novels are all around us. Sometimes I use an idea from a dream, and sometimes the title of the book jumps into my head and demands to tell me the story as with THE STONE KILLER. All I do is place my fingers on the keyboard and let the characters tell me what to write. I hope you enjoy my novels and look forward to supplying you plenty of books to read. The best to you always, Dreamah H. Lockwood




Romantic Suspense


Wishing to be someone else is a fantasy for a lot of women. For Kathryn, it is a nightmare. She awakes in a Colorado city, two thousand miles from home, with another woman’s face, and a husband she doesn’t know, plus missing four years of her life. A cowboy, Justin Crown, insists she is his wife, Kathryn Clark Crown, and they have been married for over a year. She insists she is Kathryn Blanding and lives in Florida.

After a long distance phone call to her supposed mother, Kathryn is blasted by Sara Blanding for playing such a cruel joke and calls her Kate. The women states emphatically her daughter died in an auto accident four years ago and slams the phone down.

Now with nowhere to turn, in a strange city without money or means, she is forced to depend on Justin Crown for help in getting back home. Dr. Dan Otis convinces her to go home with the cowboy. She agrees but plans to somehow find or steal the funds to leave her nightmare behind. But, Justin is just as determined to fight to keep the woman he married and loves.

Every marriage has a wrench thrown in to destroy the best-laid plans. A mysterious man keeps calling with threatening messages to stay in Colorado. Florida holds only danger and possible death for Kathryn. Frightened, she is committed even more to prove her identity. Justin finally agrees to take her back home.

Kathryn’s journey back to Florida’s sunny shores and her struggle to prove her identity is thwarted at every turn. If she succeeds in substantiating she is Kathryn Blanding, it could lead to her arrest for murder. Kathryn and Justin must establish her innocence, and solve the riddle of the creation of Kathryn Crown.




Romantic Suspense


Beaten, raped and a witness to a murder, Sarra Gray is running from a killer. She has something he wants. And, he is determined to find her, no matter how long it takes. For eleven years she has successfully hidden in a small Kentucky town pursuing an art degree. But without Sarra’s knowledge, her best friend and mentor, Pearl Ann Burke submitted her self-portrait, The Fallen Madonna, to a New York art competition. When they receive word the painting has won and will be the main attraction at the exhibit, Sarra knows the killer will find her. When suddenly the portrait is returned without explanation, she knows they have to run. The killer has found out where she has been hiding. This time she is not alone. With her daughter, Amanda, and Pearl Ann, they travel south to Half Moon Bay, Florida, hoping once again to get lost and hide among the populous.

Jarrett Blackwell also has been searching for Sarra. He first met Sarra at his family’s mansion and annual Christmas party on Long Island. It was a night he’ll never forget. He met the girl of his dreams and lost his mother to murder the same evening. Now he wants to know how Sarra was involved in his mother’s death. His family fortune gone, Jarrett left New York behind and traveled south in his search for Sarra. Now a Half Moon Bay Homicide Detective, Jarrett is surprised to discover she is in his town, and practically on his doorstep.

Now, Sarra’s past has caught up with her. It is either flee once more or stop and take a stand to protect the people she loves. Together, Jarrett and Sarra must face their common enemy to stop two killers bent on destroying them both.




Book I of the Jonas Black Series



Detective Lieutenant Jonas Black knows that monsters walk the city streets. They’re disguised as ordinary citizens. But, that civilized mask hides a dark killer waiting to unleash his evil on someone. Years ago, one of those violent monster beat, raped and killed Jonas’ girlfriend, Kelly Burton, in Texas. Jonas is haunted by dreams of a shadowy figure from her unsolved murder. Now, such a madman prowls the streets of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Morgan Jansen finds it difficult to love her identical twin sister, Marilyn Heddrix. Especially after she sleeps with her rotten husband, Andrew. But, their psychic bond keeps them aware of the each other’s presences.

When Morgan awakens early one morning in horrible pain, she knows Marilyn is in trouble. After Lieutenant Black and Sergeant Esperanza Ortiz, appear on her doorstep, Morgan learns her sister has been murdered. Now, she would forgive even her sister’s betrayal to have her back. But dead is dead, or is it?

Karma demands its due. Marilyn must pay for her sins. She returns as a ghost to offer snippets of information about her killer. But, she can’t identify him. As the madman strikes again, Morgan tries to explain Marilyn’s message. The Lieutenant looks at her as if she’s nuts. Her efforts to describe the strange bond between twins is impossible. He doesn’t believe her or their unusual abilities. Jonas Black thinks Morgan Jansen is a little crazy with her claim of a psychic connection to her twin. But, he would like to believe her. Is it because of the attraction he feels? She does take his breath away.

Five murders later, one even a cop, the killer sets his sights on Morgan. It’s a race to find the killer before she becomes his next victim and Jonas Black loses another woman he loves to murder.




Book II of the Jonas Black Series

Crime Fiction



Detective Lieutenant Jonas Black knows there’s a never-ending supply of monsters in the world. Another such evil is loose in his town, per his psychic girlfriend, Morgan Jansen. Already, too many have died. He must find the killer to stop the madness.

Morgan hates the strange abilities her murdered twin, Marilyn Heddrix, bestowed upon her when she was saved from The Stone Killer’s wrath. Now, she receives muddled images and hears things she’d prefers not to know. In her mind, a violin plays sad music, followed by the whimpering of a child, mixed with the violent rage from a man wanting his overdue justice. Without knowing vital details, all she can do is warn her lover, Jonas, of the evil which is coming.

This time the monster wants his revenge. And, he’ll dish out his punishment on the people who should have protected him and others. When a well-known defense attorney is found murdered at his home in the affluent Broadmoor area of Colorado Springs, Jonas knows the monster has arrived. He will not stop until he has punished all he considers guilty. And this killer is well-trained leaving nothing behind to identify him.

Jonas and his team discover five other men, from Florida to California, who have been murdered in the same manner. The first three victims are connected to three local Vietnam vets whose relatives did not receive the justice they deserved at the hands of the judicial system. But, they all have alibis for the time of the murders.

Once again for Jonas, it is a race against time to identify and stop a madman who enjoys killing those he deems guilty before he can set his sights on anyone else.

the hangman single.jpg




He’s watching, watching and soon he’ll choose, the perfect child to snatch and groom. He likes to play hide and seek, but never, never will his victim keep. All too soon their end will come, and once again he’s on the hunt. Be watchful, be weary, and hope and pray that your child is not The Snatcher’s next prey.




It was THAT day again. It didn’t matter how many sunrises had come and gone, that date existed on the calendar like a black tumor, all the while growing with remembered pain. It was the one day seared in Hannah Noel Robert’s brain like a wound which had been cauterized by a kiss from a white hot a burning agony from the kiss of a hot blade. The dreaded moment when she had opened the front door and stared at two Marines, in dress blue uniforms, with grave expressions on their faces.
“Noooooooooooooooooooooo!” had wailed from the depths of her soul, as sobbing, she dropped to her knees knowing what their visit meant. And the heartbreak they would inflict. Her husband won’t be coming home from Afghanistan.
Marine Sergeant Nathan C Roberts hadn’t planned on dying in Afghanistan from a sniper’s bullet. But, he did. Now Nate can’t leave his wife, Hannah. He refuses to enter the light that tries to draw him away. Utterly unaware of time passing, he finds himself standing on the balcony of his home on Hanover Street in St. Petersburg, Florida. His wife, Hannah and her cousin, Karen Joyce Thompson, are packing all his clothing into cardboard boxes. He learns it has been a year since his death as they discuss Hannah having to let him go and move on with her life.
A former friend of his, Paul Dawson, has appeared in her life once more. He is nice looking, tall, a former cop turned private investigator. He seems to genuinely care about her.
He appears to be a stable man and believes he is what Hannah needs in her life. But, when Paul proposes, Hannah realizes she doesn’t love him and rejects his offer of marriage. All too soon, she learns that Paul’s looks and manners are deceiving. Behind his loving attitude, lives an obsessive personality, with an ulterior motive that now threatens her life.
Alarmed, Nate doesn’t like or trust the man. With good reason. He watches and waits, all the while sensing Paul Dawson is dangerous. Knowing that his time on earth is running out, Nate soon discovers the monstrous plot that Paul has planned. Can he save his wife from the scheming plans of an evil man? Or will evil win and Nate be joined with Hannah forever in death?



Romantic Suspense


Lily Adamson, divorced, overweight and in her late thirties, after bilateral knee repair surgery, keeps having a strange dream. Over and over, while recovering, she dreams of a man named, Cameron. They are lovers, and once again, Lily is her old attractive self before she let her husband destroy her confidence. What is weird is that her dream man keeps telling her he is a real person, and they must search until they find each other.
Cameron Stone keeps having this own dream about a lovely woman he’s sure he has met in the past. With a failed marriage, he begins a search for this woman named, Lily, using all his resources and even hiring a private detective. Somewhere Lily is out there and he is determined to find her.
The trials and troubles Lily and Cameron must face and overcome to find each other will take them on a journey to discover what is important in their lives and find the meaning of happiness.


Be good, be kind and never commit an abusive crime. The Hangman awaits for those who do, and the punishment is harsh and filled with pain, and all your screams will be in vain. His judgment is not a silly game, as he watches and waits, and knows your name. He’ll find you soon and then it’s too late of any hopes to change your fate.




GARDNER, GARDNER, how does your garden grow, with heads and tails and skeletal bones buried neatly in each row. Love was a lie, like dreams that die. All you could do was wonder why. They blamed you, it was all your fault, yet they committed the horrible assault. You made them pay for their attack. All you did was pay them back.