Normally when it snows here in Colorado Springs, and the sun comes out, the snow is gone by noon the next day. That hasn’t happened this time. We’ve had several days of cloudy skies, so the snow is still on the ground. There are some areas that have melted off, and the grasses is showing through, but for the most part the ground is still covered. One good thing, the roads seem to have cleared. Even though I did hear the snowplow go by sometime this morning. But Tuesday’s high is supposed to be around 50° with lots of sunshine, so goodbye snow. I think we are predicted to have’s more snow later in the week. I hope so or at least rain, as we still need moisture.


I have a pet peeve when it comes to writing, especially narrative. Every day on the crawls across the TV screen, and even in the verbal newscast, I hear and see the most atrocious English. Yes people, I am from the old school of using proper English, especially when you’re speaking. Writing it is more important, especially in fiction. I hate to hear someone say I seen something, instead of I saw something. The correct statement would be I have seen. On Facebook, I don’t go on it too often anymore, people do not seem to know the difference between the words they’re, there, and their. Nor do they seem to know the difference between the words to, too, and two. Not to mention all the similar words that are used in the English language. Now when you are writing dialogue for a character and they speak a certain way, that is totally different. You have to write the way your character would normally speak. But when you are writing narrative, please use the proper English, grammar and punctuation. I’m not going to sit here and claim I do it correctly all the time, I don’t. But I try very hard to use proper English, especially when I’m writing. So folks try your best, and if you’re not sure, look it up. I have a little book entitled, THE WRONG WORD DICTIONARY, by Dave Dowling. It has 2,000 most commonly confused words. It is a great little book and so helpful, as are my college English books.

laundry basket and dirty clothing with white background

I am happy to say since the plumber came, I am now able to do my laundry. If I do two loads of dirty clothes a day, I will be caught up shortly. When I do laundry, everything gets washed, bedding, clothes, dog and cat’s blankets, everything. Yes, my cats and dogs each have a bed and their own small blanket. Their bedding gets washed. They don’t like a dirty bed. I don’t have human kids, so my animals are my kids. Yes, they are spoiled, as my children would have been if I’d had children. I don’t have any use for people who would harm a child or an animal. I firmly believe the punishment should fit the crime. What a person does to a child or animal should be done to them. But, the law doesn’t allow that to be done to the SOBs. Too bad. I’m off my soapbox now, folks.

Everyone have a great week and stay safe. I wish you all the best,




You know that old saying, be careful what you wish for, is so true. I wished for a lot of moisture for the Springs, and we are getting it. We have beautiful, white fluffy snow falling today. It started about 11 o’clock last night, when I took the dogs out just before bed. It was almost rain mixed with snow. The longer I was outside, which wasn’t long, the more it changed to white flakes coming down. I thought we would probably get an inch, if we were lucky, maybe two. But from what I can see, it looks like we have about 3 inches, could possibly get even four or more. If it keeps snowing like the weather man on the news last night said, it might reach even five. Considering the slick roads and everything, I still hope we get more, because we need it so badly. There were two or three fires along Academy Blvd. yesterday. And our fire danger is so high, it’s actually scary. So any amount of moisture we get, I thank God for it.

So far the temperature today has not gotten above 20. I just looked at the radar on my computer, and we have a nice thick, dark blue heavy band of snow moving over us. It could dump a couple more inches. We could get maybe 6 inches out of this cold front.

Tigger is growing like a weed. And as I said before, I really think he believes he is a dog. I’ve never had a cat who likes ice, to play with, pizza, cheese, and just about anything he can wrap his little lips around. If I am eating something, he wants a bite of it. He’ll set in front of me with the dogs wanting a taste of anything I have in my hand, especially food or in glass. And he loves to play. He has learned when I say no, off, and leave that lampshade alone, I mean it. They have all learned that when I say go to bed around 10:30 or 11:00 at night, they go to bed.

Well as usual I’m working on the books. All For The Love Of Hannah is coming along nicely. I think I mentioned the fact that this book was originally a short story, completely written. I am finding it fairly easy to add to the storyline. I have made several changes in one of the characters, the villain. Before I made him fairly attractive, but sounding a little stupid, I have made him more debonair. Killers are not always what you envision them to be. Ted Bundy was smart, handsome, and a smooth talker. The police are still not sure how many women he actually killed. So I had to change my villain’s appearance, and capabilities. I really have to design a book cover for Hannah.

I got a call from my friend at the police department today. He is the officer that helps me with the police procedures for the Jonas Black series. I did an oil painting for him. He called to tell me he had sent me a photograph of the framed painting. I will included the picture here so you can see it. I think it looks really nice in the gold frame.

Well everyone stay healthy and safe. And for God sakes get your flu shot if you haven’t. This bug is nothing to mess around with. You don’t want to catch it.


The best to you all, always,



It’s sort of a gray cloudy day today, with intermittent bouts of bright sunshine. So it isn’t too bad. I’m one of those people who must have sunshine or I have a tendency to get down in the dumps. I know it’s silly, and I know you can put lightbulbs in your home to counteract this problem. But I can’t seem to help it. It’s like my mother used to say about rainy days, you can’t get anything done on a rainy day. And in many ways that’s true.

I am happy to report I have not seen any evidence of any more mice. The cats are not even stalking the washer bottom anymore. But they did decide to get me awake at 6 o’clock this morning, and would not let me go back to sleep. But animals are that way. When their little belly’s rumble they want you up and fixing and food.

I am venturing forth out of the house today, and taking a break from working. Going to go have lunch with a friend at Fargo’s restaurant. They have great salads and other food. I particularly like the little pizzas. It’s just the right size for one or two people, then I am going to come home and begin working on editing and writing or rewriting.


laundry basket and dirty clothing with white background

I do have to get my laundry started. I was having trouble with the plumbing going from the washer to the other drains and had to call a plumber to rotor-root it. Everything seems to be working fine now and draining nicely. So it’s time to get all my laundry caught up.



Right now I’m fighting with Tigger to making him stop slapping my microphone. It seems he likes to be wherever I am. When I go off he doesn’t like it at all.  He acts like a dog and I believe he thinks he is one.  He does everything JoJo does. He is growing like a weed and is going to be a very big cat. He has a tail as long as a monkeys, but he’s a beautiful cat. And so sweet and loving when he’s not trying to get in trouble. He and my small miniature Doberman are the best of friends. They wrestle from one end of this house to the other. As long as they have fun I don’t care. Plus it’s good exercise for them.

Well I’m ready to start another round of editing on The Hangman. I take a chapter at a time and go over it line by line.  I am also rewriting All For The Love Of Hannah. I have to say I like how it’s coming along. It seems to be flowing nicely. I wrote it as a short novella of only about twenty-five or 30,000 words. So essentially the story was completely written in a very short version. All I am doing is expanding each chapter and putting more into the novel about each character, plus more action. I hope everything works out as I plan.

Since I need to jump in the shower and get ready for lunch I’m going to say goodbye for now.


The best to you all, and please stay safe,



Happy Monday everyone. It’s the start of a new week, with larger goals to accomplish. I have gone all the way through the manuscript of The Hangman, and made corrections and additions, plus deleting unnecessary areas. Now I’m getting ready to go through it line by line again looking for any of my ridiculous mistakes. I’ll be going over it numerous times before I ever put it up on Amazon. When you have typographical mistakes in a book, and you’re reading it, I don’t know about you, but it stops a reader in their tracks. That’s why there is so much emphasis on making sure there are no mistakes in your book. I know it seems like I’m always harping about editing over and over, but it’s a vital process for producing a quality, well written novel. It identifies you as a professional. If you don’t care how well your novel is written, no one else will and you will have few sales, and bad reviews. You do not want that.

When you have a kitten in the house as I do, and you want to sleep in you can forget that. Cats got me up several hours before daylight. I curled up in my recliner around 6:30 AM, thinking I would catch another hours sleep before getting up to feed everyone. That wasn’t about to happen. Tigger decided he was going to go on a running rampage through the house, back and forth and back and forth and jumping on the sofa, then jumping across me. After that, he found a piece of paper, and decided that was fun to make all the noise with that piece of paper. Finally around 8 o’clock or later, I gave up trying to get back to sleep. I fed all the critters. Of course Tigger has his breakfast with the cats, then he has to have a little bite of what the dog eat. So he has to breakfast each morning. No wonder he’s getting so big, but he is adorable and so loving. At least I know he is no longer out in the weather with a chance of freezing to death.

I think another mouse has been foolish enough to try to come back in the house. Yesterday for several hours, the cats stationed themselves in front of the washer and dryer again their nose to the bottom of each. I don’t know if the mouse decided he had better go back out into the garage or what, but they eventually stopped their vigilance. Lucky for me. I don’t need to have to bury another mouse.

Yesterday, the weather did not get above 19° where I live Colorado Springs. Today, we are supposed to be close to 60°. And people say there is no global warming. Amazing.

Well I need to get back to my writing and editing, editing, and editing some more. I have been working on The Hangman for several hours, then I go back to rewriting the novel, All For The Love of Hannah. I still haven’t created a book cover for Hannah.  I am happy to say it is coming along nicely. I have gone back over what I have rewritten and the additions I have made and I am quite pleased so far. I hope to produce a very well written, romantic ghost story with a lot of suspense. So keep an eye out for THE HANGMAN, and, ALL FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH. They will be completed in the next six months and hopefully up on Amazon, unless I find a literary agent. Say a prayer and wish me luck.

So until we talk again, always remember NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.
The best to all of you, and stay safe. It’s a crazy world out there these days.



The mouse is dead, I’m sorry to say. I knew I had one in the house because of the way the cats were acting, putting their noses to the floor in front of the washer. Sure enough my big black cat, Pyewacket, caught and killed it. I had a devil of a time getting it away from him. He was determined to keep it, and I was determined to take it away from him. The only thing you could see of it was its long tail sticking out of his mouth. He finally let it go, and it wasn’t quite deceased because it scurried away. I finally caught it with a paper towel. It was such a tiny little thing, and I felt terrible that it had to die. I hate to kill anything even a bug, but you can’t live with mice or bugs in your house. I know that sounds strange coming from someone who kills people off in novels. But I have a great respect for the smallest of God’s creature and would not harm one unless it is absolutely necessary. So anyway, I’ve took the poor little thing outside, and after he died, I buried him in a large flowerpot. So if there are any more mice coming in from the garage I know my big black cat will catch them.

Since I did not sleep well last night, I didn’t get up until close to nine o’clock this morning. I had noticed last night before taking the dogs out for the final trip that it didn’t feel all that cold. But I did expect it to be cold this morning when I let them out. It wasn’t it was already close to 56°. All this warm weather were having at the beginning of the year is crazy. Normally this time of year, our temperatures are in the upper 30s low 40s with an occasional bout of snow. Time of year having temperatures in the upper 60s is nuts. It makes me wonder if Old Man Winter look to Colorado and said I’ll see you later. Normally our snow months are March and April. We do get a bit of snow during that time. But now with all this warm weather so far, we just might really get slammed hard with snowstorms. We can’t really complain, plus we are desperate for moisture.

I’ve been telling you about the romantic story I’m writing, All For The Love of Hannah, well I normally design my own book covers. I have a program that allows me to do that. Unfortunately it’s not working right now which is no big deal, as I can call the Geek Squad and they will fix it. I am just having trouble deciding what to use in the design. As this is essentially the story of a soldier’s love for his wife and how he comes back to protect her, I am a little troubled by exactly what to use. I’ve already designed one am not real thrilled with it. So I guess I’ll keep coming up with designs until I find one that is really striking.

I have several errands to run today so I shall be out in this beautiful warm weather we’re having even if it’s a little bit windy. They’re telling us we may get a smidgen, and when I say smidgen it is just that, on Tuesday. Well moisture is moisture and we will take all we can get.

Everyone have a fantastic day and take care of yourself. Always remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.

The best to you all,



Don’t you just love it when Microsoft does an update, and then your printer will not talk to your computer? It seems I have to go by a 3.0 cable for my printer for it to work. I checked at Wal-Mart yesterday, and they do not have it. So now I will have to drive all the way to Best Buy this weekend and see if they have one. So wish me luck folks that I can get my blasted printer to working again. All I can do is try.
The weather here is cold today. We are still only at 37°, which I think is our high for today. But, it is a beautiful day. The sun is bright and shining. Before I went to bed last night, I took the pups outside for their last visit of the evening, and it actually smelled like it was going to rain. You know that unusual odor that’s in the air just before rain storm. I kept hoping, but no such luck.
Well I am still working on editing The Hangman. The silly mistakes you can make when you are typing a manuscript is amazing. Like forgetting to put an S on the end of a word, or adding an ED when you don’t need one, and numerous other stupid mistakes. One thing I like about this Dragon Naturally Speaking, is that it types in the words correctly for me. Love it. Love it, love it. Now I’m not advocating for everyone to run out and buy this program, I’m just stating how helpful I find it to be. And it learns the more you use it on how you pronounce words. I do have to remember to insert the correct punctuation and to speak distinctly. Every now and then I do have a tendency to slur over a word. I am getting much better at speaking clearly into the microphone.

My novel All For The Love Of Hannah was completely written in a shortened version. I am taking that and adding information about the storyline, and characters to turn it into a full length novel. It is coming along rather well. I’ve had to rethink the actions of some of the characters, particularly the bad guy. But that too is working out and I don’t seem to be having as much trouble with the rewrite as I thought I would. My goal is to finish The Hangman and get it up on Amazon, and complete the other one before the end of the year.

I have submitted A Circle of Murders to a couple of literary agents. I have a list of others that I will be submitting it and The Stone Killer to for their consideration. Crusher fingers that I find a competent one as well.

Well there’s not much going on here other than I think I might have a mouse under the washer in the kitchen. The cats have all stationed themselves in front of the washer and dryer and keep their nose pointed to the floor as if they’re waiting for it to stick its head out. I had one when I first moved in here back in 2013, but my big old black cat, Pyewacket, caught it and killed it. I hate it, but I can’t have mice in the house.

Everyone stay safe and well, and always remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.
The best to you all,



So far today it is cloudy and looks kind of gray, almost as if it might, and that’s a big might, rain. No rain is forecasted. Instead we are supposed to reach 65° today and in the 60s again tomorrow. This has been one crazy winter weather wise. We have not had more than a total of 3 inches of snow spread over two months. We are so dry here in Colorado that you don’t really want to blink in case you start a grass fire. It’s terrible. All the cold weather is going north and east of us. We haven’t gotten any real moisture for quite a few months. I think anybody who is living here would be happy to see a nice heavy snowstorm dump about a foot on us. We really need snow or rain. So pray that we get some rain or snow soon.

The Hangman is coming along steady but slowly, as I am reviewing everything I have written to make sure the storyline is consistent. I’ve added things and deleted others, especially when they didn’t make any sense. This is such a slow process, because I’m looking for all the mistakes I’ve also made along the way. I think by the time I finish trying to make it as perfect as possible it will be a much better story. I am considering submitting The Hangman, The Stone Killer, and the two romantic suspense novels we have written, to literary agents. Anyway, A Circle of Murders for certain. So wish me luck in finding a literary agent. I will keep plugging along until I succeed.

All for the Love of Hannah is coming along nicely. As I told you before I’m using that software Dragon Naturally Speaking, which helps me keep from making typing errors. I really like this program because you can continue with your thought and not have to stop in the middle and lose half of it. This program is a godsend for a writer. You do have to remember to put in your quote marks, commas and periods. That’s no big thing to do. Once you get in the habit of doing that it comes so easy. You do have to speak distinctly. Especially since I have a tendency to slur a word now and then. Then I do have to go back and make corrections. Otherwise I am so glad I have this program.
I got some bad news last Friday. When I lived in Florida I had this wonderful neighbor and her daughter, I lived next door to them for close to 30 years. Ellie’s daughter called me to let me know she had passed away on January 22. She was a delightful woman with a great sense of humor and a very, very kind heart. After my mother died, whenever she would cook dinner, she would fix a plate of food for me, and call me to come to the gate in our fence between the houses and give me that plate of food to make sure I was eating. Her death was sudden and has left her daughter devastated. I will make a conscious effort to keep closer touch with Robin. It’s a hard thing to lose your mother, so I know how she feels.

Okay everyone, keep writing, editing, editing, and more editing. That will make your novels so much more professional. And always remember NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.
Everyone stays safe until we talk again,