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Titan[1]First let me tell you of the newest addition to my household.  His name is Titan, because he has that small dog attitude.  He is a deep, dark chocolate-brown and is the sweetest puppy.  I am so glad I rescued him.  Of course the cats are having an adjustment.  Pyewacket seem to so, “Oh, a dog.  Okay.”  Stanley is not so sure, as he was great friends with my toy poodle that died in 2012.  Bandit!  She appears to wonder why in the hell did Mom bring that thing home.  Slowly but steadily she is getting closer and closer to him.  He is a great little dog.  He is a Chihuahua, but larger than most Chihuahuas I’ve seen.  Anyway, he is mine now.

Next, I have to say that when I started to write THE STONE KILLER, I originally planned on it being a romantic suspense.  When the ghost of the first victim appeared, I thought, okay, it’s a paranormal romantic suspense.  Well folks, it just isn’t as I have discovered.  I submitted the first chapter to DearAuthor.com for first page reviews.  They determined that THE STONE KILLER is  crime fiction.  There is romance in the story as well as a ghost, but romance is not the predominate theme. So I have reclassified the book to crime fiction, thriller. If you want to discover if you’re on the right road in writing your book, submit your unpublished first page to DearAuthor.com first page reviews for critique.  Google the site.  You will have to take the good reviews with the bad, but it is worth the experience.

Well, back to work on my “gruesome” story. Hey folks, life can sometimes be gruesome.  I hear it on the news all the time.  That’s where I got the idea for THE STONE KILLER.  BUT, life is filled with good things too which I really do focus on first.  Murder and mayhem is what I write and I hope I’m good at it.  But people who personally know me would tell you it is hard for me to even kill a bug.

So, until we talk again, take care of yourselves, show your love to others and keep writing.  Stay safe.