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Well Good Morning all.  It has been a while since I’ve written a blog or anything else.  For weeks now, I have been in a blue funk.  I don’t know what the problem is, but I just stay so tired.  It has to be all in my mind.  Enough about my pi–ing and moaning.  I have things to do and I must do them.

First off, it is only about 10deg. here in NKY.  I did not sign up for this kind of crap when I moved up here from  FL.   It has snowed almost every day of the weekend.  Not much, about 2-3 inches total.   Enough that when Chloe comes in from outside, I have to brush snowballs from her belly and legs.  But when it freezes, It becomes just ice.  Oh well.  Spring will be here in a few months and then I can gripe about the rain and how I can’t get my garden in the ground.

I could plant potatoes in the dust on my furniture.  I could dust twice each day and It would still be dusty.  And the one job in housekeeping I hate and despise is dusting.

I have finished reading all of THE HANGMAN Sister has done.  I just wait for her to add more and send it to me. It is a really good read.

The day is passing and I am still sitting, so I must get busy.  If anyone know how I can boost my metabolism, let me know.  I sure need it.  You all take it easy, but don’t forget to work on your craft.  It won’t just appear out of thin air, unless you’re into the paranormal and can do automatic writing.

Talk with you later, 1/2 DREAMAHP1010497



2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRI have been busy making a list of all my suspects in the murder of my first victim, an attorney, plus the who, what, when, where and why they might want this guy dead.  Creating characters even for a suspect list is a detailed job.  They have to have a logical reason to want to harm another person or wish them dead and the guts to or be sufficiently crazy enough to act on that desire.  Anger and hatred are powerful emotions and can drive a person to do nutty things.  Anyway, the story is progressing nicely.  I’ll be happy when all my research is finished.  In writing, you run into a scene that you have to be sure is correct and the action will work.  As I do not pre-plan my novels, and the characters drive my stories, this happens in my books.  So I do try hard to be accurate with my scenes.

Well for the last two days, we have had rain and then snow on top of that.  Not a lot of snow, but about two and a half inches.  Just enough to make it sloppy and icy roads.  Today, it started out to be in the forties, now it’s changed to the upper thirties.  WHERE IS THE SUNSHINE  to melt all this nasty and dangerous ice?  I don’t do well with gray days.  I need to see the sun.  Maybe this afternoon or tomorrow.

SINGLE COVER, A C OF MNEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRCREATING KATHRYN CROWNI can’t believe we are once again editing A CIRCLE OF MURDERS.  We will be editing all the completed books again so I can upload them to SMASHWORDS.  It will be a process, but we do try to make sure our books are error free.  We really try, and when we see a mistake after all the editing, it drives me nuts.  Lord knows, that is a short trip for me.  The first book to be uploaded to SMASHWORDS will be A CIRCLE OF MURDERS, then, THE STONE KILLER, and last CREATING KATHRYN CROWN.

From now on, we will upload to Amazon, SMASHWORDS and Lightning Source.  We won’t enroll in Amazon’s KDP program.  That way our novels will be available to all e-readers and can be purchased by bookstores.  It’s been a long learning process, but I think this is the best way to go.  Give all our books a read, you’ll like them.



So, everyone take care of yourselves and stay safe.





NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRDon’t you just love it when you’re in the process of formatting a book to upload and you keep screwing it up.  That’s what has been happening with me in formatting THE STONE KILLER to upload to CreateSpace.  It’s just a matter of completing this simple task and the book will be ready to be available a paperback.  I think I’ve been pushing myself so hard to get things done, my brain needs a break.  I know I have worked staring at this computer screen until my eyeballs actually hurt.  Time to back off for a day.

Well, I went into my art studio to work on an oil painting that is close to being finished.  I thought I needed to dust.  I have three cats and it’s so much fun to be working on a painting and find cat hairs in your oil paint.  The dusting led to the floor, which led to cleaning the bedroom, the bathroom, the office, living room, kitchen and doing the laundry.  By the time I finished, I’d cleaned the entire house and done all the laundry, even my critter’s beds.  They love their beds fresh and clean and smelling of lavender.  By that time, I had to shower and put on clean clothes before collapsing in my recliner, too tired to even thing of picking up a paint brush.  As the old saying goes, the best laid plan of mice and men somehow go astray.   Mine did, but I have a clean house and all my laundry is done.

Don’t forget folks, THE STONE KILLER is available on Amazon.com in the Kindle edition for the moment until I can upload the paperback edition.

I can’t believe that we have a cold front on the way to Colorado for Friday.  It was chilly this morning, in the forties.  The low tonight is predicted to be in the thirties.  I guess I need to turn on the heat for tonight.  The high for tomorrow is to be fifty.  Chilly, but not bad.  Some areas have a prediction of snow flurries.  This is September.  It’s too early for snow at this time of year.  Oh, well, the ski resorts will love it.

Everyone have a great day and stay safe.





S K CVR 6Well I am sitting at my computer trying to work on the next chapter of THE STONE KILLER.  Outside, the ground is covered with about 3 or 4 inches of snow.  There are icicles hanging from the roof around the house and from the bumpers of my car.  No, I can’t put it in the garage because the key to the door has been lost and can’t be opened from the outside.  Oh well, that’s okay because I don’t plan on going out and driving on slick streets.

It has started to snow again, tiny almost invisible flakes that you only can see if you’re looking at a dark background.  I don’t think there will be much of an accumulation.  The weatherman just reported cold, icy and minus zero wind chill.  Our high at the moment is -5 degrees.  This is the coldest I have seen it here in the Springs.  Of course, I haven’t been here for numerous winters.  I lived in Florida where if the temperature drops into the fifties, the residents freeze.  Believe me, Florida at 40 or 50 degrees can be colder than Colorado Springs at 10.  No, I do not long to be back in Florida.  I stay in out of the severe cold and work.  Books don’t magically get written by themselves.

Well since my characters are talking to me again, I’d better get back to work and jot down what they have to say.  I need to find out when Morgan is going to jump my detective for sex.  She really likes him and her dead twin is pushing her in that direction.  Marilyn is a forceful ghost and thinks she knows what’s best for her sister.  You know how siblings can be.  Maybe in this case, she does.  Or maybe Morgan is not as uptight as her sister thinks she is.  Watch for the novel’s debut before summer.

I guess  need to make a pot of potato soup.  That sounds good for lunch.  So until we talk again, stay indoors, stay warm, stay off the slick roads and be safe.


Adult female Balinese cat (siamese longhair)

Adult female Balinese cat (siamese longhair) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I went to bed last night, my little female Siamese cat, Bandit, decided to give me some loving.  She wrapped herself around my head on the pillow and washed my forehead and hair.  It was as if she only wanted to say goodnight.  She gave me several kisses and then got down off the bed and chased the other two cats through the house.  I was never a cat person, but now that I am, they give me such love and companionship.  They are always glad to see me when I come home and even meet me at the door.  They are great.

Anyway, I couldn’t believe they let me sleep in until 8:30 this morning.  I don’t think the furnace kicked off at all last night.  When I rolled out of bed, after feeding the cats, turning on the coffee, brushing my teeth and making my bed,(my usual morning routine), I turned on the TV to the weather channel.  it was -5 degrees and the temperature topped off today with a high of 7 degrees.  At least the sun was out bright and shiny.  It melted a little of the four inches of snow on my car.  No my car was not in the garage, unfortunately.  I hope the owner of the house cleans out the garage soon.  The Colorado high altitude and dry climate  is hard on a vehicle’s paint and trim.  The sun is more intense here being over a mile above sea level.

Since I had no intentions of driving on the slick roads, I stayed in and worked on THE STONE KILLER.  I had this happen with CREATING KATHRYN CROWN, where the characters take over and begin writing the story.  It was wonderful.  The word flowed from my fingers as if by magic.  And writers do create magic.  We, as authors, create all these people and through the magic of a pencil, pen or a keyboard bring them to life and let them tell their story.  I feel so lucky to be able to work at something I love and so wonderful as writing.

Homicide Detective John T. Huntington has informed me that he has a lot of stories to tell me. We are so excited and willing to listen to his stories.  So far, he had mention six different cases he wants us to explore.  Marilyn Heddrix’ s tale of REDEMPTION is only one of them.   JT is determined to solve Kelly Burton’s murder.  And Eppie, what is the real story behind the disappearance of her father ten years ago?   Looks like we are going to have a series going be busy for some time.

Well, right now, here in Colorado Springs, it is a whopping 2 degrees and the furnace has kicked on.  The predicted low is -4 degrees.  Even with that temperature, it isn’t going to be as low as it was last night. Bandit is curled up in her bed next to my desk.  She is usually close by.  I swear she is a reincarnation of my dog that died last Dec 3rd.  She acts and does things just like he used to do.  Of course, his being raised by a cat made him think he was a cat.

Well folks, as the weather across the country is supposed to be a hazard, please take care of yourselves and be safe.  Goodnight for now.