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Adult female Balinese cat (siamese longhair)

Adult female Balinese cat (siamese longhair) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I went to bed last night, my little female Siamese cat, Bandit, decided to give me some loving.  She wrapped herself around my head on the pillow and washed my forehead and hair.  It was as if she only wanted to say goodnight.  She gave me several kisses and then got down off the bed and chased the other two cats through the house.  I was never a cat person, but now that I am, they give me such love and companionship.  They are always glad to see me when I come home and even meet me at the door.  They are great.

Anyway, I couldn’t believe they let me sleep in until 8:30 this morning.  I don’t think the furnace kicked off at all last night.  When I rolled out of bed, after feeding the cats, turning on the coffee, brushing my teeth and making my bed,(my usual morning routine), I turned on the TV to the weather channel.  it was -5 degrees and the temperature topped off today with a high of 7 degrees.  At least the sun was out bright and shiny.  It melted a little of the four inches of snow on my car.  No my car was not in the garage, unfortunately.  I hope the owner of the house cleans out the garage soon.  The Colorado high altitude and dry climate  is hard on a vehicle’s paint and trim.  The sun is more intense here being over a mile above sea level.

Since I had no intentions of driving on the slick roads, I stayed in and worked on THE STONE KILLER.  I had this happen with CREATING KATHRYN CROWN, where the characters take over and begin writing the story.  It was wonderful.  The word flowed from my fingers as if by magic.  And writers do create magic.  We, as authors, create all these people and through the magic of a pencil, pen or a keyboard bring them to life and let them tell their story.  I feel so lucky to be able to work at something I love and so wonderful as writing.

Homicide Detective John T. Huntington has informed me that he has a lot of stories to tell me. We are so excited and willing to listen to his stories.  So far, he had mention six different cases he wants us to explore.  Marilyn Heddrix’ s tale of REDEMPTION is only one of them.   JT is determined to solve Kelly Burton’s murder.  And Eppie, what is the real story behind the disappearance of her father ten years ago?   Looks like we are going to have a series going be busy for some time.

Well, right now, here in Colorado Springs, it is a whopping 2 degrees and the furnace has kicked on.  The predicted low is -4 degrees.  Even with that temperature, it isn’t going to be as low as it was last night. Bandit is curled up in her bed next to my desk.  She is usually close by.  I swear she is a reincarnation of my dog that died last Dec 3rd.  She acts and does things just like he used to do.  Of course, his being raised by a cat made him think he was a cat.

Well folks, as the weather across the country is supposed to be a hazard, please take care of yourselves and be safe.  Goodnight for now.