11401377_10153478193699271_7548152210831919453_n[1] images7JPAILFWI am so thankful that the weather has turned cooler for a few days.  I have learned to appreciate gray days and nice cool weather.  I love the bright sunny days, but when the temp is close to ninety, it will cook you in no time. More rain is in the forecast for this coming week  and the temperature for Monday and Tuesday is to be in the sixties.  I believe I am a winter person, because I love the fall and winter cold.  After living in the heat and humidity of Florida for so many years, I do love the drier weather of Colorado.  Also, we don’t have giant roaches flying around at night landing in your hair.

11-F3861162-675487-960I have had to put Pyewacket, my black cat, on a diet.  He has gotten so fat, it is unhealthy.  Needless to say, the other two cats, Stanley and Bandit must share this diet.  I don’t leave dry food down all day, like I used to.  They get their little bit of wet food and about a half a cup of dry in the morning, and a half a cup of dry in the evening.  If they don’t eat it all, it is picked up and put away.  Stanley and Bandit don’t over eat, only my big black cat does.  I love him too much to let his bad eating habit continue.  He was always skinny until I had him neutered.  Then he gained way too much.  My big boy must lose five to ten pounds.  I can hardly lift him, he is so big.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRWell, I am still working on THE HANGMAN.  I am taking is slow and steady, so as not to forget to put in important information.  That’s why we did the rewrite for THE STONE KILLER.  THE HANGMAN will be uploaded this years.  Sometimes, I have a few too many projects going at one time.  I write every day, and edit as I write.  Maybe that is what is slowing me down.  Anyway, I’ll get it completed and will have learned from the experience of writing this book.

Everyone have a great Fourth of July, and stay safe.