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Today, Colorado Springs is blessed with bright sunny skies and warmer temperatures. The nights are remaining cool, actually cold and down in the 20s and sometimes the teens. But as long as I can see the sun shining, I am happy. Been having a bit of trouble with my stupid asthma. I hate to have to use inhalers, but as long as it helps me breathe better, it works.

I have trouble sleeping at night. Sometimes I am up until 1 o’clock in the morning with my brain running about 70 miles an hour. So last night instead of just sitting at the computer playing a mindless game of solitaire, I pulled up Hannah and wrote on that novel until one in the morning. I’ve been writing on it every day, but for some reason last night the story just flowed. I have finally worked out all the details about my villain and changed the storyline again, which has improved the book I think. Sometimes a story has to cook in your brain for quite a while before you get it just right. Never be afraid to make changes in your storyline or characters. All changes will possibly be improvements. Nothing is written in stone when it comes to the book you are writing, and who your people are, or what they do. This is your world you have created and you have complete control over who, what, when, where, how, why, and all emotional content. They say write what you know. And that is true in many ways. You have to know the people in your story, who they are, what are their motivations, their goals, and where did they come from, and what do they expect to achieve.

When I am creating characters, I assigned a folder for each one. In that folder I put all the pertinent information like their date of birth, where they went to school, were they orphans, if not, what do their parents do, do they get along with their parents, etc. I utilize anything that I can think of to create a visual image in my head, and put that in the folder. So if I forget a detail, I can always look it up.  Another aid to help you visualize your character, look at photographs in magazines or on the Internet of people, movie stars, TV stars until you know your character intimately. And it’s vital that you do this. How are you going to write about someone if you don’t know all about them? Also you can plan out your storyline, but keep in mind, as with me, my storyline has changed several times in the last few weeks. So like I said before, no storyline is set in stone.

Also set goals for yourself. My goal for 2018 is to complete the novel about HANNAH, and also TO CATCH A DREAM, which is nearly finished. It has almost 70,000 words in it. All I have to do is complete the last few chapters of the book and it is done. HANNAH was completely written, it just has to have the story extended and expansion on every aspect of the characters, their motivations and actions.

THE HANGMAN is finished, it is in the editing stages, and will not be ready to upload until I can be certain there are no mistakes in the book. I’ve gone over it three or four times, but I know there are still mistakes. There is nothing I hate more than to upload a novel and have somebody tell me I have left a mistake in it. I know I’m a perfectionist but I can’t help it. It’s just the way I am and in many cases I think all writers should be. Nothing stops a reader faster than to come across a mistake in a novel. And I find mistakes in books published by big publishers. It seems the editors at these companies no longer edit. So it is now up to the writer to make sure their work is as perfect as possible. I do rely on several of my friends and my sister to go over my novels, because my brain automatically inserts the correct word whether it’s the right one or not on the printed page. So I wish you all good luck on your editing process. It is a long arduous task, but it has to be done.

I wish you all a great week, and please stay safe.




Happy Monday everyone. It’s the start of a new week, with larger goals to accomplish. I have gone all the way through the manuscript of The Hangman, and made corrections and additions, plus deleting unnecessary areas. Now I’m getting ready to go through it line by line again looking for any of my ridiculous mistakes. I’ll be going over it numerous times before I ever put it up on Amazon. When you have typographical mistakes in a book, and you’re reading it, I don’t know about you, but it stops a reader in their tracks. That’s why there is so much emphasis on making sure there are no mistakes in your book. I know it seems like I’m always harping about editing over and over, but it’s a vital process for producing a quality, well written novel. It identifies you as a professional. If you don’t care how well your novel is written, no one else will and you will have few sales, and bad reviews. You do not want that.

When you have a kitten in the house as I do, and you want to sleep in you can forget that. Cats got me up several hours before daylight. I curled up in my recliner around 6:30 AM, thinking I would catch another hours sleep before getting up to feed everyone. That wasn’t about to happen. Tigger decided he was going to go on a running rampage through the house, back and forth and back and forth and jumping on the sofa, then jumping across me. After that, he found a piece of paper, and decided that was fun to make all the noise with that piece of paper. Finally around 8 o’clock or later, I gave up trying to get back to sleep. I fed all the critters. Of course Tigger has his breakfast with the cats, then he has to have a little bite of what the dog eat. So he has to breakfast each morning. No wonder he’s getting so big, but he is adorable and so loving. At least I know he is no longer out in the weather with a chance of freezing to death.

I think another mouse has been foolish enough to try to come back in the house. Yesterday for several hours, the cats stationed themselves in front of the washer and dryer again their nose to the bottom of each. I don’t know if the mouse decided he had better go back out into the garage or what, but they eventually stopped their vigilance. Lucky for me. I don’t need to have to bury another mouse.

Yesterday, the weather did not get above 19° where I live Colorado Springs. Today, we are supposed to be close to 60°. And people say there is no global warming. Amazing.

Well I need to get back to my writing and editing, editing, and editing some more. I have been working on The Hangman for several hours, then I go back to rewriting the novel, All For The Love of Hannah. I still haven’t created a book cover for Hannah.  I am happy to say it is coming along nicely. I have gone back over what I have rewritten and the additions I have made and I am quite pleased so far. I hope to produce a very well written, romantic ghost story with a lot of suspense. So keep an eye out for THE HANGMAN, and, ALL FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH. They will be completed in the next six months and hopefully up on Amazon, unless I find a literary agent. Say a prayer and wish me luck.

So until we talk again, always remember NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.
The best to all of you, and stay safe. It’s a crazy world out there these days.




Good morning everyone. It’s a beautiful day here in Colorado Springs. Our high today is to be close to or above 60 degrees with bright sunshine. Even our humidity is low today. Colorado Springs has close to the perfect weather in winter.
I’ve been doing a lot editing on The Hangman. The human mind is an amazing thing. When you are editing, it automatically inserts the correct word or ignores a miss spelled word. But that’s okay, I keep using spell check and the grammar check numerous times on the manuscript. I am now going over it line by line looking for all my mistakes. Hopefully within the next month, I will have The Hangman up on Amazon. In between doing all of this, I am working on completing two romantic mysteries I guess you would call them. I have one called All For The Love of Hannah, which will be, I believe, an interesting and beautiful story. I may change the title to The Nightingale’s song. I haven’t decided. I haven’t  created a book cover for it as yet either.  The other is to complete To Catch A Dream, which already has close to 70,000 words written. So it is not that far from being finished.
I have a busy year ahead of me and have set several goals for myself. One is to become proficient at dictation on Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I use to write my blogs. I just have to remember to insert the quote marks and proper grammar when dictating. But it certainly goes much faster using this program.
Other than that there’s not a lot new here. The new kitten, Tigger, is growing like a weed. He is constantly hungry and loves to play. He and my miniature Doberman, Jojo, chase each other and wrestle from one end of this house to the other. I don’t think he realizes he’s a cat, which is okay as long as he gets along with the rest of the animals.
Everyone have a great day, and stay safe and out of any bad weather.



This time it is Good Afternoon all:  I could not get on the internet all morning.  We came down to Lake Cumberland yesterday to spend the weekend.  I love this place.  It is so peaceful and beautiful.

Hubs and I are thinking of selling our house and buying a cabin here.  We looked at several this morning.  The one I like is a 3bed, 2bath.  It comes fully furnished right down to the coffee pot and spoons and forks.  It has a hot tub, pool table, foos ball table and much more.  All porches are screened in.  We really like it.  That means we can sell our house furnished.  It might sell faster that way.

Spoke to Sister last night and her land lady is putting central air in the house.  That is wonderful.  Folks in CO. don’t usually need air, but the last couple of years, it has been really hot out there.  Sister has a wonderful land lady.

I brought THE HANGMAN mss with me and hopefully, I can get some editing done while the rest of the family is out on the boat.  Hubs and I have no interest in boating.  I don’t even tread water and parts of the lake are 60 feet deep.  I ain’t going’ there.

Well hubs wants to go into town.  That is a 15 mile drive just to Kroger.  We don’t mind though.  We love this part of KY.

I hope you all have a wonderful week end and all fathers have a super day tomorrow.  You all take care and we’ll talk later.




Good morning all:  I hope all is well with you all.

Hubs got up early and watered the garden, now it is pouring rain.  Of course, isn’t that the way it works?  And it looks like an all day affair.

You know how there are some days when nothing works out?  Well that was yesterday.  I had plans on editing THE HANGMAN, but it just seemed I could not get to it.  So today is the day.  As soon as I finish this I will get started.  Oh crap!  I forgot.  I have an Eye of Round Roast and a Pork Loin in the fridge that I need to cut up.  BUT THEN!  On to THE HANGMAN.  I promise, Sister.

I told you I bought a new MacBook.  Well, there is a lot of new stuff on it. I ordered a book from Amazon and it came in this morning.  I am anxious to get started on it.  I am so computer illiterate it is sad.  I get so angry with myself sometimes.  I am one of those who just can’t remember instructions.

Well I am through whinin’ and crying’ so I will spare you all more of my misery.  You all take care and we’ll talk again later.



Good morning:  Well, my Valentine dinner turned out to be leftovers and wings.  We had planned on going out for dinner, the snow came in earlier than predicted.  We didn’t want to take a chance on slick roads so we just stayed home.  We wound up with four inches.

I still can’t use my HP computer.  My next move is to contact HP directly and see if they will help.  Personally I think I should get a new one from them, but that will never happen.   I have never been so frustrated over anything.  It will be two years in July that I bought the thing, and it has never worked properly.

Sister is hard at work on THE HANGMAN.  She is cranking out almost 2,000 words every day.  I would love to start P1010737the editing, but sometimes she has to go back and add something, so it would be fruitless for me to edit right now. But I am very anxious to start on it.

There is nothing much going on here in Northern KY.(is that capitalized?)  The entire world is covered in white with a few colorful front doors here and there.  We have a red shed in our back yard that stands out.  It actually looks like a beautiful painting outside.

I hope things are going well for all of you.  I know that winter can get you down and you don’t want to write or do much of anything else.  Unless you ski of course.  But spring will be here soon and it will be planting time.  I can’t wait to stick a tomato plant in the ground.  So you all take it easy and work as much as you can.  When you can’t work at your computer, it helps to sit quietly and visualize the scenes you are striving for in your book.  Sometimes you come up with things you never would have thought of otherwise.  I’ll be back later.  1/2 DREAMAH





Revised 1 SK CoverWell it is the start of a new week, and, thank God, we only have 20 pages to edit on THE STONE KILLER.  IT WILL BE FINISHED.  Sister is going to read through it again just to make sure we corrected everything. Yesterday, we both needed a break so Sister watched football, and I worked on a new painting of flowers.  I also worked on my crochet last night, so I was busy doing work where I didn’t have to think too hard.  So back to the final 20 pages.  IT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!




2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRNEW SNATCHER CVRTHE HANGMAN is progressing really well,  I am happy with the way the story is going.  The characters are voicing their opinions and adding to the story line.  I have a few facts to check out, but will continue to work to get this new novel completed.  As you all know, when you think you’re done, you are not.  The editing process takes what seems like forever.  We, oh please I pray, WILL NOT  repeat the mistakes I made on THE STONE KILLER.   That is why I am taking it slow and steady, planning every investigation of the victims, the suspect, the clues, all of it, trying to be careful and not leave out anything.  So have patience.  I will get it done and then on to THE SNATCHER.  Remember folks, edit, edit, edit and edit some more until you want to scream.  There are a lot of lessons to be learned about writing in the editing process.

Now, as much as I hate it, I have to go to the store.  Everyone have a great week and stay safe.




STONE KILLER SGNLE, NEWI have come to the conclusion that even the BEST writers miss errors in their books.  Sister and I have been, AGAIN, going over the rewrite of THE STONE KILLER, and of course, editing, editing and more editing.  I know, you don’t have to say it out loud, IT HAS TO BE DONE, if we want a quality book.  We do, or we wouldn’t be working our asses off going over and over the story to make it better and free of errors!   When people buy our books, we want them to get their money’s worth.  Folks work hard for their money.

This is the last time for THE STONE KILLER.  I have to admit, we have learned a lot about rewriting and editing a novel.  It has been a long, slow, and sometimes painful process.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could slap our words onto the computer or paper, and they’d be correct the first time.  Let me tell you folks, it ain’t gonna happen, no matter how good you think you are.  so buck up and edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite, rewrite, then edit and edit some more.  We have.  We won’t be uploading anything from now on until we’re certain we have the complete story on paper and all the damn editing is done.  By the way, I HATE TO EDIT.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEOnce the revision is uploaded, my full attention is back on THE HANGMAN.  In between working on the revision of THE STONE KILLER, I have been going over THE HANGMAN again and again, making notes of anything I’ve left out or need to resolve.  I have also been editing, editing and doing it some more.  The story is progressing as I had hoped.  I’m wavering between two characters as my killer, but believe my original choice will stand.  I’ll have to wait to see how the storyline plays out.  Characters do surprise you.

Since this is the beginning of my writing work week, I need to get back to it.  Everyone have a great week and stay safe.



I am so tired of tomatoes I could cry. Why is the spacing so off? Just something else to pile on my plate. I’ll just deal with it for today. I’ve been saying that for weeks now until I have so much to do I don’t know where to start.
I swear, Sister and I thought we had done a good job of editing THE STONE KILLER. Well let me tell you that apparently we suck at editing. Sister did a search and we used the word “and” over 3000 times. YUCK, YUCK AND DOUBLE YUCK. BUT, I am in the process of reading a David Baldacci book and I counted the “ands” on one page. There were 8 on just one page. What does that mean?  I have no idea.  Use and or not use and.  To be or not to be.  I have no answers.

Well now, I may just go jump off The Big Mac Bridge over the Ohio River.  It seems that when I paid my bills for the month online, I neglected to press the right button and the payments did not go through.  Ha ha.  all of our bills are late.  Nothing has been paid for the month of August.  God yes, I’m a blonde, but it comes out of a bottle so it shouldn’t count against me.  I gotta go call the bank and fix this mess.  We’ll talk later if I can get out of my straight jacket.85FOOTBALL STARTS SOON


images.jpeg 4images[2]Our weather for the past couple of weeks has been hot and dry.  My grass looks like a parched man dying of thirst.  When I took Titan out before we went to bed, I discovered it was raining.  Thank God for the wonderful rain.  Maybe it will cool us off for a few days.  It has been in the nineties and nothing seems to cool the house off.  I don’t have A/C.  But six fans are running most of the time, with two in the bedroom.  When it’s this hot, you don’t even want to eat.  As far as cooking anything, I wouldn’t turn on a stove burner for any reason.  If it can’t be consumed cold, I’m not cooking it.



Sister’s garden has produced so many tomatoes she’s trying to decide what to do with them all.  Today she is making Gazpacho soup as I am writing this.  Between the green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and who knows what all she’s planted, sister stay busy freezing all these vegetables.  Plus she has a grape-vine.  She told me that this year, all the grapes turned brown and dried up.  Why would that happen?  No grape jelly this year.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEWe’re almost finished with the revision of THE STONE KILLER.  Reworking that book has taught me a lot about correct placement of tags and choosing the right word and where it should go for emphasis in a sentence.  Still working on THE HANGMAN.  I’m taking it slow and steady with this novel to make sure I don’t leave anything out like I did in THE STONE KILLER.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week.  Stay cool and safe.