micheal-pillow-2[1]For some dumb reason last night, I couldn’t get my head comfortable on that blasted goose down pillow.  Plus, from sitting hunched over my computer most of the day, I had a knot in a muscle in my upper back, on the left side,  that was causing me pain all the way up my neck.  I thumped it with this hand-held massager, I put Freeze It on the spot.  I thumped it again.  Nothing worked.  I was in so much pain, I couldn’t go to sleep.  Finally, I took a heavy-duty pain-killer, actually half of a tablet as I’m so damn sensitive to medication.  Then, I remembered THE PILLOW my sister had sent me.  It’s one of those cooling memory foam pillows that supports your neck and head.  I had used it for months, and now I can’t remember why I stopped sleeping on it.  At two a.m., I got up, went to the other bedroom and grabbed that pillow, switched the goose down out for it, and went back to bed.  I gave a sigh of relief when after a few minutes, my neck stopped aching,.  The pain pill kicked in around three and I guess I drifted off to sleep.

11-4FFBF4EE-702370-960That is, until daylight when I could feel Stanley’s breath on my face when he decided to check to see if I was awake.  He was hungry.  Since I have put Pyewacket on a diet, no food is left down at night for the cats to munch on.  When daylight comes, they’re all three starving and want fed.  It doesn’t matter that it might be it might be six a.m.  It’s feed me!

11-F6EFC2A0-743235-960Even Titan was hungry this morning.  So at seven I stumbled out of bed and fed everyone, including Titan.  Then I curled up in my recliner and dozed until nine-thirty.  I needed coffee, so I got up, and did my morning routine, make the bed, clean the litter box, take Titan out, THEN COFFEE.  With cup in hand and a fuzzy head from too little sleep and the pain pill, I flopped down in my chair to go to work at the computer.  Maybe today, I’ll sit up straighter and not get that blasted knot in my shoulder muscle.

images7JPAILFWThe temperature at night here in Colorado Springs has been dropping down into the fifties.  That is cool for July.  I am not complaining.  I love the cool weather we’ve been having, a little toooo much humidity, but great.  August is just around the corner, and all I can wonder is, where has this year gone?


NEW HANGMAN SINGLEI treat my writing like a job and work at it every day.  You’d think I’d have four books completed, but I don’t.  I am too methodically.  Everything has to be in the correct order and be plausible.  In THE HANGMAN, I’m adding a lot more about my characters, and the investigation.  Maybe that’s what is taking longer than I want.  Also, when ideas for the other books in the series pops into my head, I have to write it down so I won’t lose it.  So in a sense, I’m working on multiple books at one time.  Crazy me, but that’s the way I work.  THE HANGMAN will be completed and uploaded before the end of the year.


NEW SNATCHER CVRThe next book in the series will be THE SNATCHER.  That story is going to take a of lot of research.   I’ve done a lot already, but there is always some fact that must be checked out.  So stay tuned, folks, my fingers are flying over the keyboard as fast as they can.

Hey folks, would you all give me some feedback on the book covers I’m using.  Are they too scary?  These books are murder and mayhem stories.  PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE let me know what you think.  I’d appreciated it.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.