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Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Freezing Day

Freezing Day (Photo credit: ashwin kumar)

I arose this a.m. to a vision of an outside covered in white and 24 degrees.  The roads were slick as was my front steps and driveway.  The prediction for tonight is 9 degrees with a wind chill even colder.  Yes!  I am still thrilled to be back in Colorado Springs.  The sun will come out tomorrow and melt the snow, and the sky will be that beautiful turquoise blue that I love.  Yes, it is supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow.  But I have faith that I will see sunshine sometime on the 22nd.  I don’t handle gray day too well.

We are hard at work on the Stone Killer.  I talked with my friend, Tony, in Florida today.  He has been after us to get the book finished so he can purchase a copy.  Well, we are working hard to get it done even with the holidays coming fast.  Thanksgiving will not be a working day for us, as I have been invited out to dinner and sister has to cook.  We try to keep a schedule of 600 to a 1000 words per day, and hopefully will have the first draft done by the end of December.  We all do have to go Christmas shopping.  Then comes the tweaking of the storyline and then the editing, editing, and some more editing.  We hate to find any errors in our finished book.  If you find any, please let us know the chapter, page number and paragraph at dreamah.lockwood@aol.com

In The Stone Killer JT and Morgan both have a funeral to attend, a killer to find and JT Huntington has to protect the woman with whom he is falling in love.  The Stone Killer will be out in early 2014.

Everyone have a fantastic day tomorrow and stay safe.  We hope your Thanksgiving will be blessed with friends and family around your table.  God Bless and give A CIRCLE OF MURDERS and CREATNG KATHRYN CROWN a read.