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images.jpeg 4I have to say that winter weather in Colorado Springs is close to ideal.  It gets cold here, and yes we do get snow at times and even get a blizzard now and then.  For the most part, our winters are not bad.  It will snow one day and the next the sun comes out and melts most of it away and the roads are clear.  We have a great bunch of people who run the snow plows.  If it’s going to be a bad snow, we have ample warning to prepare to stay in and off the roads.  Most of the time during the winter, our temperature is in the high 30s or 40s.  We are so lucky we get as much sunshine as we do and not the weather the east coast is getting.  But we need moisture badly.  There was a grass fire near south Academy yesterday and one on Ft Carson.  All were contained, thank God.  That is a big problem here, the dryness.  It does lead to fires.

11-F6EFC2A0-743235-96012-F3861162-675487-960Last evening, Jo and Titan got into a bit of a fight, not a big one, but they were making aggressive noises.  My big black cat, Pyewacket, is the peacekeeper.  Whenever he hears me getting after the pups for being too aggressive, he comes running to where we are and will stand glaring at the dogs as if to say, behave or I’ll swat you, which he has done.  He may be chunky, but he’s fast.  He is also one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever known.  He doesn’t bite or scratch, but boy he lets you know when he’s hungry.  He is very loud and can be a bit demanding.  His bowl will have food, not too much, and he acts as if it’s empty.  I have to pile up the dry food and show him it’s there.  Needless to say he is over weight.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLENEW SNATCHER CVRI have been reviewing and working hard on The Hangman.  I am at a point where I had to go back to make sure everything was consistent and the progression of the investigation was correct.  I got off on a wild tangent and had to delete and rewrite a couple of parts.  Sister and several friends have stated since this novel is listed as a paranormal crime fiction thriller, I can’t write Marilyn, my ghost, out.  So she is still with us.  For how long, I don’t know.  She plays a big part in the next book, The Snatcher.  After that, I have to wait and see what happens, but for now, she’s still here.  For those of you who don’t like ghost stories, sorry, I do and I think a lot of people do also.

Well, back to work.  This novel won’t write itself without my fingers on the keyboard. Everyone have a great week and stay safe.  Keep researching and writing.