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Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak (Photo credit: Markusnl)

Yesterday was bright and sunny for most of the day.  It did rain a little in the late afternoon.  But, It is a chilly here in Colorado Springs today.  The high is supposed to reach the mid fifties.  Clouds cover most of the sky with a patch of blue here and there.  The wind is whipping the tree branches back and forth and adding to the chill.   I haven’t seen the sun as yet and Pikes Peak is socked in, thus hidden from my view.  Maybe farther up Ute Pass, they could have a touch of snow.  In town, winter is nipping at the foliage and trees along the streets vary in color from gold to rust and then red.  It is all so beautiful which creates a dilemma for me.  I need to be working on ‘The Stone Killer’, but also need to finish setting up my art studio, and I want to be outside photographing the fall foliage.  I do all types of oil paintings which I sell.  It is part of my income.

My schedule dictates that I write a minimum of a page a day, more if I am on a roll and the story is flowing.   In the afternoon, I would like to put at least three to four hours on a painting, but that does not always happen.  Sometimes this schedule works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Life interrupts all schedules.  There are times I need to paint for therapy.  Today feels that way.  As it is so chilly, going out to take photos for any reason can wait until tomorrow.

As you probably know, I’m a nut case, as most writers or artist have to be in order for us to have the wild and crazy imagination we have to create the stories we write.  The words we put on paper or a computer screen comes from the depths of us, our life’s experiences, the good and the bad and outside events.  We are exaggerators and elaborators.  We take a simple act and expound on it, stretching that incident to the limits and then ask, what if?  And so we create a story.

Boy, did I get off the subject.  A canvas is calling to me to finish a painting of flowers.  It is 12:36 here so I will write my page and then work on the studio.  I need to buy a carpet remnant as I have a problem with paint loaded brushes flying out of my hand at times and hitting the floor.  I don’t think my landlord would appreciate me staining his new wood floors.  So thank you all for listening,  I have solved my dilemma, I can do both today.

Oh, by the way, Bandit the cat is sleeping soundly in her bed next to my desk and near the heat vent.  My little girl is tired after chasing Stanley through the house this morning.  She is such a baby.

It’s lunch time, so everyone take care and stay safe.


Colorado state welcome sign, along Interstate ...

Colorado state welcome sign, along Interstate 70, entering from Utah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am thrilled this morning.  The sun is shining brightly and the mountains are clear of the heavy clouds blocking them from view for too many days to count.  I am surprised that the Peak is not covered in snow.  I am saddened that so much flooding here in Colorado has damaged and destroyed so many homes and people have lost their lives. Some towns are without power, food and necessities.  I will be contacting the local fire department and churches to see how I can help.  All this “stuff” I don’t need, someone else can use.  I urge everyone to do the same.  There are a lot of people in Colorado, New Mexico, the Indian Nations and others places that need help.  Please open your hearts and send it.  I am fortunate.  The flooding did not come near where I live, but was all around me.  This flooding could happen to any of us.

Sister and I are hard at work editing CREATING KATHRYN CROWN.  Our method is simple, read every word of the manuscript out loud and if it sounds unnecessary, we delete it or change it.  It works.  We’ve knocked several scenes, that were too long, down to a much better flow.   In between editing Kathryn and storms, I am working on The Stone Killer, continuing to do laundry and finding places to put things.  I don’t believe how much stuff has to be rewashed due to the move or how much stuff I still have.  Simplify, simplify and simplify.  We don’t need clutter in our lives.

Well, back to work.  Everyone have a great day and stay safe.


English: Pikes Peak seen from Garden of the Go...

English: Pikes Peak seen from Garden of the Gods park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cats woke me at 6 a.m. all eager for their breakfast.  The weather report says it is 63 degrees here in Colo Spgs.  Thank God for the cooler weather.  When you don’t have A/C, 87 degrees can seem really hot in the house even if you don’t have humidity.  Fall is on its way and soon I will see snow for the first time in a long time.  This year, Christmas will seem like Christmas with cold weather, and maybe it will be a white Christmas.   And my sister is wrong about the Peak being just a big rock.  Pikes Peak is a mountain with a timberline.  She is only used to rolling HILLs.

I am in the process of unpacking my paintings and getting ready to hang them on the walls out of the way.  I didn’t realize how many I have, but at least now they will be displayed instead of being stacked on the floor against the wall.

I have more research to do on the Stone Killer and hope to have it completed and uploaded by the end of the year.  Our plans are to have Creating Kathryn Crown uploaded by the end of Sept.  Cross your fingers for us.

Never give up on your writing and keep applying words to paper.  Keep your stories flowing.  Everyone have a wonderful day.  Stay well and safe.



Well my sister is settled in Colorado. She seems very happy and that makes me very happy. In her last blog, she said she can see Pikes Peak from any window in her house. Well I can see green trees and, usually, horses. Now for those of you who have not been to CO., People, Pikes Peak is a rock. Just a big rock. No trees. No horses. Just a big ole grey rock. But my poor sister loves that thing with all her heart. Poor soul, I worry about her.
I am almost through with the editing of Kathryn Crown. Finally, after months of delays we will get this book up on Amazon. We think it is pretty good and sure hope it sells well.
Hopefully this is the last day of our heat wave. I am so ready for cool weather. I left FL to get away from the heat now here it is again. But at least, I know that in a couple of months, the heat will be over until about next June.
Our new dog is doing great, however, she is afraid of daylight. As soon as the sun goes down, we can’t keep her in the house. As soon as it is daylight, can’t get her to go outside. What is up with that?
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday week-end. Spend at least part of it on your writing. I am determined to finish Kathryn before Monday.
Stay safe and for all you football fans, GO NOLES!


English: View of Pikes Peak from the Universit...

English: View of Pikes Peak from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, sometime before 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It did not cool off much last night.  I woke up in a sweat this morning.  As I sit here at the computer, I look out through the sliding glass doors at the big Elm tree in the back yard, not a leave is moving.  But, a cool front is coming this weekend and will drop the temperature by 10 degrees.  Even without A/C in this house, I am thankful to be in Colorado.  I did not realize how much I missed being here.  Yes, I was a aware of being homesick, but to look out and see Pikes Peak any time I want makes me almost cry.  I’m an emotional person.  I cry at sad movies, at a beautiful dance routine, or when something gives me joy, like the amazing lavender plants growing all over Colorado Springs.  Yard after yard filled with blooming lavender is a glorious sight.

I bought my own pot of  lavender to plant.  It is starting to bloom.  There is a small garden in the corner of the back yard where it will thrive.  I will plant it there so when I have my morning coffee at my desk, I can see it.

Well, the unpacking is progressing.  Most of my clothes are unpacked and put away.  What amazes me is how much bedding I have.  Goodwill here I come.  I still have a lot of boxes to go through, so had better get busy.

Everyone have a great day.  Take care of your selves and be safe.


Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak (Photo credit: Markusnl)

Colorado Meadows

Colorado Meadows (Photo credit: QualityFrog)

Well I am finally back in Colorado.  When we drove west on Highway 24 and I could at last see Pikes Peak in the distance, I felt in my soul I made the right decision to come home to the Rockies.  The turquoise sky with the lightning filled thunderheads to the south were spectacular.  To the north, dark rain clouds could be seen with sheets of rain falling down on the prairie and sun rays shooting out toward the mountains.  I was HOME and a peaceful feeling washed over me.  I almost cried the sight was so overwhelming.  Actually, I did cry.

I am settling into the house I am renting.  It’s the same floor plan as my house in Florida, only reversed.   My cats, the kids as I call them, have settled in and seem happy.  The unpacking is coming along.  I find I still have too much stuff.  Goodwill is benefiting from my sorting again.  I will be glad to simplify my possessions even farther.  One person does not need all the stuff I have.  I will be glad to be rid of it.  A simplified life is better.

Well folks, back to the unpacking and sorting.  I hope you all have a great day.  Take care and stay safe.