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11-4FFBF4EE-702370-960Bandit and Pye are on the left and Stanley is on the right curled up on my bed.

The hour is late for someone who has had a mere four and a half hours sleep.  I finally fell asleep around 4:00 a.m. and Bandit was kind enough to let me sleep until 8:30 before wrapping herself around my head again.  She started around 8:00, but when I didn’t move, she rested her head on top of mine until I did get up.  My cats know I have been ill, so Stanley and Bandit stay close to me.  My dear Pye rests in his chair as he is close to my recliner.   Stanley is usually in the other living room chair, and Bandit is either in my lap or curled up close by on the sofa.  They are such a comfort when you are feeling lousy.  Stanley is a fluffy Ragdoll cat, Pye is my big black stray I rescued, and Bandit is my little Siamese.

Bless my landlord and his wife.  They brought me by a plate of delicious ham, potatoes, corn, green beans and a couple of biscuits.  I have to be getting well as my appetite has returned.  I haven’t wanted much in the way of food since the day after Christmas.  As for chicken soup, I don’t care if I see a bowl of chicken soup for a long time.  I feel like I’m turning into a chicken from consuming all that soup.  I expect to feel feather growing out of my shoulder blades at any time.  I do eat a lot of chicken and not just in soup.  I like fish on occasions and a good filet mignon, but for some reason, which I can’t tell you why, I eat more chicken than any other meat.   And I love good vegetables.

Well, I actually typed a paragraph on THE STONE KILLER today.  It’s a start.  I must do better tomorrow.  I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow and do my laundry.  How one person can dirty so many clothes escapes me; and I’m that one person.

Well, this is a short post again tonight, as it in now after 11:00 and heading for 12:00.

Please keep writing.  Remember “Never give up, never surrender”.  We will make it as writers.  We’ve come this far, we can’t stop now.  There are too many stories to tell.

Until we talk again, take care of yourselves and stay safe.


English: A blue color point male Ragdoll cat w...

English: A blue color point male Ragdoll cat with blue eyes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My dear sweet sister says cats do not destroy furniture, chew up blankets, or jump on you causing bloody wounds.  I beg to differ.  When I lived in Florida, I had a sofa that, at the time, my two cats loved to shred with their claws.  Oh, did they have fun.  They destroyed that sofa.  When I moved to Colorado, I put it at the curb for trash.  Now I have three cats and believe me,  my newest family member can put a hole in a blanket with her claws and her teeth.  When I play with either her or the big Ragdoll cat, they love to hold onto me with their claw.  The Ragdoll slit my finger open one morning, so I keep lots of Band-Aids handy.  Also my cats love to climb on anything that is high, even the folding door to my closet.  But they are really great company and I love them dearly, but  I am thankful that my cats use a litter box.

Well I am trying to stick to my writing schedule, but sometimes it is difficult.  Like right now, I need food or this brain in my head will not function.  I have to get at least 1000 words written today.  Pray for me.  I need all the help I can get.  Shortly, I have to kill another person off in The Stone Killer, a naughty priest.  2014 is not that far away and there will be a lot of adding to the story and editing to do.   Sister is going to love that.

Well, food first and then back to work.  Everyone have a fantastic day.  It is another sunny blue sky day here in Colorado, and I am so happy to finally be back home in the Rockies.  Talk with you later. We would love to hear from you.  Email us at dreamah.lockwood@aol.com and we’ll respond.  Put a Hello in the subject line.  Until then, please, all of you stay safe and love each other.