images[2]We got up to a shroud over the mountains this morning.  We really can’t complain because we’ve had such beautiful sunny weather for many days and we need the rain.  But I have trouble handling day after day of gloomy weather.  I need to see the sun at least part of the day or even for a few minutes.

imagesYW79DRE4Of course the roses love this damp condition and are growing great except for one which is defying all my threats if it doesn’t start growing.  Our humidity is 82%, which is really high for us.  Our usual is around 11 to 20%.  Very dry and I love it.  Right now the sky looks as if it’s going to start crying at any moment.  Maybe it will help my one forsythia bush that the pups keep peeing on.  I hope they haven’t killed it, the poor little bush.

thI1A7OGKSMy back is slowly getting better and not giving me the fits it has been.  I actually was able to sleep last night without having to take a heavy-duty pain pill.  Sister and I have relaxed the last couple of days from packing up her house.  We needed a break.  It will get done.  We like to get things done, and even when we’re exhausted we continue to push ourselves when we shouldn’t.  That’s probably how I hurt my back.  I know, I’m crazy and I readily admit it.  You have to be a little nuts to be a writer.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRI have been reviewing what I have written on The Hangman to make sure I have covered everything.  So far, so good. Now onward to the finish.





NEW SNATCHER CVRThe Snatcher is waiting in the wings screaming for his day in the spotlight.  For each of our current published novels, we received another five-star review.  So people do like our work.  I think everyone will enjoy the Jonas Black series as well as the romantic suspense we write.

CREATING KATHRYN CROWNSo check our all our books on amazon.com, Creating Kathryn Crown, SINGLE COVER, A C OF MA Circle of Murders, and the first book in the Jonas Black series, The Stone Killer.

STONE KILLER SGNLE, NEWEveryone have a great weekend and stay safe.