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Like I said before, the pups got their rabies shots which will last them three years.  JoJo is doing much better.  The itching has greatly decreased, and the hives are all gone.  Pyewacket is on antibiotics for his upper respiratory infection, his ears are clean, and Dr. Ackers upped his insulin by one unit, and he is doing great.  But, boy is it fun getting that liquid antibiotic down his throat.  He doesn’t like it, but doesn’t try to scratch or bite me.  He is one good cat.  If you could have seen him last September, most people would have put him down.  I couldn’t.  He would look at me and cry as if sensing I was contemplating that very thing.  I had to give him every chance to get well, and he has bounced back, and now weighs fifteen pounds and is my big black wonderful cat.


The vet gave Stanley two antibiotic shots which are supposed to take care of his upper respiratory problem.   But, he is still sneezing and this morning threw up multiple times.  If he is not better by Monday, back to the vet he goes. 


Last night was rough.  My poor puppy Titan, for some unknown reason, developed a severe case of diarrhea.  I was up taking him outside every forty-five minutes.   To stop his runs, I gave the pup three doses of Pepto Bismol.  So I didn’t get much sleep until six–forty-five this morning and then only until nine-thirty, but the Pepto seems to have stopped the diarrhea.  I did take a nap this afternoon. 

Mortgage lifters

You would not believe the number of tomatoes on those plants. Sister is going to have to do a lot of canning or make salsa out of them because there are a lot more ready to be picked and they are delicious.  Between the tomatoes and the green beans, sister has been busy. 

Well, I worked on FOR LOVE OF HANNAH some more this afternoon.  How in the hell I missed the mistakes I am still finding is beyond me.  You would think these blasted editing programs would catch more of the errors, but no, they skip right over them.  Why am I paying for these three services, Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and Ginger,  if they can’t catch all the mistakes?  I guess the answer is simply because they can’t.  Whoever created the programs can’t write code to catch every mistake.  Oh well, I’ll keep editing line by line and do the best I can. 

Everyone have a great Sunday and stay safe.  Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER no matter how hard things get.



57%20the%20%20little%20%20firebase%20%20after%20%20michael%20%20farley%20%20was%20%20kil1Recently I posted this photo of a Vietnam Vet on my Facebook page and asked if anyone knew who he was or if he made it back from that war.  His picture was the inspiration for a young version of one of my characters in THE HANGMAN.  I am happy to report his name is Dwight Davis and to know he came home, as so many of our young men did not.  I found his identity in an amazing book by Jerry S. Horton entitled SHAKE N BAKE SERGEANT.  I emailed Mr. Horton, and he was kind enough to respond.  If you want to know what that war was like, read his book.  I recommend it.  I hope the years have been good for Dwight Davis and for Jerry Horton, they deserve it as do all veterans.

When I create a character, I need to know what they look like.  Sometimes I use a combination of physical attributes of various people I know, other times actors or pictures I find on the Internet.  I print a copy of the picture and put it in that character’s file.  Other times, I use people in the news, or make up their physical appearance and try to locate an actor who resembles my character.  That way, I have a photo to remind me of their image.  I did this with all my novels.  It works well for me.  You might give it a try.

IMAG0506I am happy to report my little dog, Titan, came through his teeth cleaning trip to the vet very well.  He still doesn’t feel too well, but will be his old self by tomorrow.  He is such a precious little dog and my baby, as are all my pets.

images7JPAILFWAt this moment, here in Colorado Springs, I have my front and back door open.  This is more like spring weather than February.  Our winter has been mild so far and beautiful.  Right now, it is 68 degrees with bright sunshine.  I am enjoying the sun and warmth and not complaining.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.  Remember: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.




dreamstime_m_15709757WE HAVE SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!! Thank God, the rain has stopped for today at least.  When I moved back to Colorado in 2013, of course I purchased a pair of boot that almost reach my knees.  I also bought a can of water repellant to spray on those same boots to keep the moisture from rain and snow OUT!  Well, let me tell you it did not work.


UGG3[1]Last night it rained and rained and rained.  Of course at five this morning my little dog, Titan, had to go out.  Oh joy.  I didn’t know it was raining.  I put on his leash; I opened the back door and out we went into the early morning light, into the yard.  SURPRISE!  Again, it was coming down in buckets.  We couldn’t turn around and go back in the house, because he really had to go poop.  He was drenched, my hair and jacket were drenched, and it turned out he had developed diarrhea.  Yes, I have an umbrella, somewhere.  We went out into the rain three more times from five a.m., until seven-thirty, at which time, I said screw it, fed the cats and Titan and I curled up in the recliner.  He was just as wet and exhausted as I was.  Each time we came back into the house, I dried him off, dried my hair and hung my jacket up to dry.  As for those water proofed boots, they are soaked, and I just checked, they’re still wet. So much for water proofing sprays.  Mine didn’t work. I wish you better luck.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLETHE HANGMAN is flowing out of my brain so fast at times I can’t type quickly enough.  That is great, because I want his book finished by the end of July.  Then comes the editing, over and over and over.  To create a novel as polished as we can make it is important to us.  We don’t want our readers to find mistakes.  And yes, everyone makes mistakes, but we do try hard to find every one we’d made, so we can go back and correct them.  That is why I added almost five thousand words to THE STONE KILLER; I left a lot of information out that had to be added.  Now, we are editing it again, and then the new version will be uploaded. Keep watch, because when that happens, we will schedule a promotional day.  I have to discuss this with sister as to exactly what it will be.  Stay tuned for the results.

NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRTHE STONE KILLER will remain under the name of Dreamah H. Lockwood.  I tried changing the name and succeeded on Amazon. com, but CreateSpace would not let me do it because of my ISBN number.  The author and the owner of the number has to be the same.  I can understand that. so on Amazon, I changed everything back to Dreamah.  But, the rest of the series will be listed under D. H. Lockwood.  D.H. Lockwood is a much better name for a murder and mayhem writer.  Anyway, sister and several friends say it is.











All of our romantic suspense will continue to be written under Dreamah H. Lockwood. I have a lot of outlines for romantic suspense novels.  so, more will be coming.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.



aka, D. H. Lockwood





Titan[1]First let me tell you of the newest addition to my household.  His name is Titan, because he has that small dog attitude.  He is a deep, dark chocolate-brown and is the sweetest puppy.  I am so glad I rescued him.  Of course the cats are having an adjustment.  Pyewacket seem to so, “Oh, a dog.  Okay.”  Stanley is not so sure, as he was great friends with my toy poodle that died in 2012.  Bandit!  She appears to wonder why in the hell did Mom bring that thing home.  Slowly but steadily she is getting closer and closer to him.  He is a great little dog.  He is a Chihuahua, but larger than most Chihuahuas I’ve seen.  Anyway, he is mine now.

Next, I have to say that when I started to write THE STONE KILLER, I originally planned on it being a romantic suspense.  When the ghost of the first victim appeared, I thought, okay, it’s a paranormal romantic suspense.  Well folks, it just isn’t as I have discovered.  I submitted the first chapter to DearAuthor.com for first page reviews.  They determined that THE STONE KILLER is  crime fiction.  There is romance in the story as well as a ghost, but romance is not the predominate theme. So I have reclassified the book to crime fiction, thriller. If you want to discover if you’re on the right road in writing your book, submit your unpublished first page to DearAuthor.com first page reviews for critique.  Google the site.  You will have to take the good reviews with the bad, but it is worth the experience.

Well, back to work on my “gruesome” story. Hey folks, life can sometimes be gruesome.  I hear it on the news all the time.  That’s where I got the idea for THE STONE KILLER.  BUT, life is filled with good things too which I really do focus on first.  Murder and mayhem is what I write and I hope I’m good at it.  But people who personally know me would tell you it is hard for me to even kill a bug.

So, until we talk again, take care of yourselves, show your love to others and keep writing.  Stay safe.