It seems strange that I have been home from vacation for almost two weeks.  We had such a wonderful time at sister’s house.   I’m not so sure about her tho.  She is used to being alone and it was a little overpowering to have 5 more people pile in on you.  But, I must say, she handled it well.  Unfortunately, she has no a/c.  Those people out there keep saying   “it’s not hot.”  The Hell it’s not. There was one evening I thought we would all wind up at the ER.  I lost count of the fans she bought.  We all had one to blow on us and one to blow around us.  And another thing about those people, they tell the weather by looking at rocks.  You’ll hear someone say, “it’s gonna be a nice day, the Peaks clear.”  or, “the Peaks socked in, it’s gonna rain.”  CO. is the only place I have ever heard of that tells the weather in that manner.   

Well, I have almost 3/4 of THE STONE KILLER TO EDIT.  It shouldn’t be long before it is up and available.  Then on to the next book.. Between editing, writing blogs, cleaning house and trying to get back to my knitting, I still have the garden to weed.  I actually have small cucumbers and small green tomatoes on the vine.  I can’t wait to pick some for the dinner table.  And yeah, I still have to cook.

So I will get my day started.  You all be good to yourselves and edit, edit, edit.

We’ll talk later.

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