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Good morning all. Once again we are at Lake Cumberland for the weekend. My daughter’s little dog is blind and is terrified of the boat, so since I don’t swim, we said we would stay with Zoe. Plus we love the peace and quiet here.
I was supposed to do this blog yesterday, but by the time I finished all I had to do, plus throw my rags in a bag, then sit still as a stone on the I75 due to rush hour traffic, we did not get here till late and I just deflated like a blow up doll.
I love it when I am with family. We have such a good time when we are together. After all, family is what it’s about, and with the world going to Hell in a hand basket, we need to stick together.
Okay, so much for preaching. I hope y’all have been able to get some work done this week. I am going to try and work on THE STONE KILLER some, but it is a two hour trip to any large super market.  That’s fun.  But then, it is Saturday and all country people go to town on Saturday.  So, that is my day.  So much for relaxing amid the peace and quiet. I just realized. Today is the first of the month, so it is bill paying day. Lordy, I love when your plan works out. Ha.
Y’all take it easy if you can. I hope you have a Blessed day and we’ll talk later.




1199-17With each day, I DO feel a bit better.  Didn’t realize losing a lot of blood could make you feel so weak and tired.  It has.  But I had a couple of other problems beside the bleeding.  Of course, I’m the world worse person to get sick because I expect once the problem is cured to feel 100% back to normal.  You all know I’m as far from normal as you can get, thank God.  Creative folks are not normal.  That’s why I write murder novels.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRI heard on the news this evening, that child molester Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House of our government, received a mealy sentence of 15 months in prison.  WHY! WHY!  After what he did, he should have been sentenced to life and put in general population.  He is the worse type of man.  What was wrong with the judge who handed down his sentence?  I hope when I finish THE HANGMAN, that old fart reads my book and sees what I believe should happen to pedophiles.  When you harm a defenseless child or a defenseless animal, you should be lock in a hole forever.  People like him is why I write murder stories.


P1010737Starting tonight, rain and then slush is on its way with chillier weather.  Since I don’t have to go anywhere until Monday, that’s fine with me.  My concern is for my roses who have started to sprout new growth.  I don’t believe it will get below freezing, so they should be okay.  I pray so.  The lavender rose-bush has a lot of new leaves.  I planted it for my sister.  She loves lavender roses.

Well back to dishing out more punishment in THE HANGMAN.   My brain is finally functioning more, so I’s better use it while I can.

imagesBDJX3DZCOh, by the way, all of sister’s computers are not working .  HP is such a crappy company for not standing behind their product.  As writers. we do not recommend HP products.

Everyone have a great rest of the week and weekend.  Stay safe, folks.





11-F6EFC2A0-743235-96011-4FFBF4EE-702370-960Considering that I still feel as if I’ve been run over by a mack truck, I am getting better. I still have a slight fever, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was.  My pups and kitties keep watch over me and stay close.  The pups don’t want me out of their sight since I was gone two entire days and one night.  That, needless to say, puts them constantly under foot.  I know they give me their unconditional love.  That’s why they’re so spoiled and loved.

I have not been writing, because if you could see the corrections I’ve had to make in this short blog, you’d know my poor brain is not at full capacity.  So forgive these few words I have written and if you see mistakes, please ignore them.


Everyone have a great week and stay safe.



imagesYW79DRE4I hope everyone is having a great morning. On the 19th of this month I got up, not feeling bad at all, to discover I was bleeding internally. And knowing me I thought, well you know it’s just a small matter and will go away soon. Well I just didn’t. So I drove myself to the emergency room  and they slap my butt right in the hospital. The last time I went through something like this was in 2012. Anyway they did a bunch of tests and resolved the issue , but I had lost a good amount of blood, so now I’m weak.  They also discovered I had a touch of pneumonia and a urinary track infection. So for the fact past few days I have been feeling really crappy. That is the way illness hits me. One minute I feel fine, the next minute wham, I’m down. On top of all that, I pulled a muscle in back which hurts like hell.  So I’m a mess, but it will get better eventually, please and thank you, God.

Anyway I have to say that the nurses and doctors at Penrose Hospital here in Colorado Springs are some of the greatest. They were very thorough and treated me so well. So if you get sick and have to go to the hospital I highly recommend Penrose. So I strongly suggest you take care of yourself because you never know when you’re going be knocked down and get sick. I thought I was taking care of myself.

My girlfriend here in Colorado Springs was so concerned, because I had driven myself to the ER, as to how I was going to get home with my car. She had arranged for her and another friend of mine to come pick me up and drive me home while one of them drove my car. So I checked with my doctor to make sure I would be okay to drive myself and assured her I would get home safely. And as soon as I got home I called her to let her know I was safe. She calls me every morning to check on me.  True friends are the best.

When I left the hospital I didn’t feel bad at all.  But when I got home, I began spiking a fever and aching all over. So all I did was curl up in my recliner and go to sleep. Anyway I’m still not 100% and probably won’t be for several more days, but will get back to writing as soon as I can. So everyone please take care of yourself and stay safe. And I will try to do the same.
My recliner is calling me.



Hey everyone: Hope all is well with you.
We came home from Mansfield yesterday afternoon, spent the night at home and now we are in Louisville babysitting our grand dog for the week end. It was very cold in Ohio and now here we are at 78deg in KY.
Sister is bragging about her roses and now she is expecting a snow storm. That’s what she gets for going on and on and on and on about being able to plant. I can’t even dig a hole yet. But, hopefully, our cold is over and tomatoes will be in the ground soon.

I tell you. One little complained about not having anything to edit and Sister up and sends me what she has on THE HANGMAN. Actually, I am anxious to get started on the first round. I did notice one pitiful little bud on my dogwood tree. It’s only about three foot tall, but I have hopes for it. It’s funny but just about 80 miles south, the dogwood are in full bloom.

Well, I hope you all have a good week end. Get some writing and/or editing done and we’ll talk again soon. If you haven’t yet, go to Amazon and buy THE STONE KILLER. I think you will like it and it is the first in the JONAS BLACK series.
1/2 DREAMAHIMG_1199_2IMG_1199_2


imagesYW79DRE41199-17Well, I have to admit, thanks to my wonderful nephew, all the rose bushes have been planted.  I ended up with five bushes in the flower bed next to the house.  I have a variety of colors, a deep red at the south corner of the house, then a gold, a pure white, a lavender and last near the entrance another yellow/gold bush.  I ended up buying three climbing rose bushes.  Just inside the chain linked fence pink roses grow tall and each stem has multiply flowers on it.  To the east and in the middle of the fence my nephew planted the deep red climber.  On the fence next to road and the west, a white climber was planted.  I think it will look nice to go from the red to the pink and the white.  The other red climber was planted near the fence across from the front door.  I think I went a little crazy with the roses, but I do love them.  They will add beautiful color to the front yard and smell great, but not overwhelming, I hope.

images[6]The Forsythias were planted by the new fence area in the back yard to give it some bight color next to the beautiful lilac bushes for spring.  I have two shady flower beds to plant with something that will bloom all summer.  i do love flowers.  It is a work in progress.  And now we have snow predicted for this weekend.

I cleaned off the back porch today.  Arranged the chairs and enjoyed the fresh air.  Thanks to my wonderful nephew, the backyard is now secure and I can let the pups out without a leash.  They love to chase each other in the yard, then run to the porch for a break.  I have my flower care schedule on my calendar to make sure I don’t forget.  I am looking forward to the first new growth and the appearance of rose buds.  I do love to paint roses, ladybugs and most anything.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLENow that the plants are in the ground, back to work on The Hangman and getting it finished this month.  I take a few hours break and complete the ladybug I’ve been working on.  I have so many novels to write and paintings to paint, I need more hours in my day.  Isn’t that the way it goes though, when you have multiple things you love to do.

Well folks, needless to say I am tired and it is late here at the foot of Pike’s Peak.  So it is off to bed.  Everyone have a great Friday and weekend.  If it snows, stay in, sit by the fireplace and have a hot toddy.  Stay safe.




I’m looking out the window at the cold, rainy day pondering the mess our country is in.  And although there isn’t much I can do about it, other than my one vote in November, for God only knows who, I still worry.

I just saw a young girl on TV with the traditional scarf on her head.  I’m assuming she is Mulim.  The thing that bothered me is that her scarf is the American flag.  Now, should I be offended?  I don’t know.  But I was brought up to respect the flag.  It can never touch the ground, lay on a table unfolded, and especially worn as clothing, etc, etc.

Just talked to Sister in CO., of course she has to brag about her beautiful weather.  Sometimes she can be cruel.  She told me she has THE HANGMAN almost finished.  I am anxious to get started on the editing of it.  I would love to read a good book, but you know, since I started working with Sister, every time I pick up a book to read, I find myself wanting to edit it.  That takes some of the joy out of the reading.

Well it is lunch time, so I think a peanut butter sandwich is in order.  Of course, I have to put some of our sister’s homemade strawberry jam on it.  You all take it easy and keep working.  It will pay off, you will see.  We’ll talk later.  DREAMAHIMG_0168


images7JPAILFWIf this has been Colorado’s idea of winter, I’m loving every minute of it.  Outside of a few snow storms, and a three-day snow period, I certainly can’t complain.  February was way warmer than normal.  Yes, March was a bit colder with some snow, but nothing like the east.  I’ll take this dry climate and bright sunshiny days melting the snow away anytime over continual gray days.  I don’t handle gray days too well.  When I got home from my volunteer job at the PD and let the pups out into the back yard, there were three robins on the fence.  The squirrels are eating the new buds on the elm trees and the lilac bushes now have leaves showing. I love it, I love it, I love it here.  And tomorrow, we may have a spring shower to water the grass.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLECREATING KATHRYN CROWNSINGLE COVER, A C OF MI am happy with how THE HANGMAN is coming along.  A women I met a couple of weeks ago told me today how much she enjoyed reading CREATING KATHRYN CROWN and A CIRCLE OF MURDERS.  She was going to buy THE STONE KILLER tonight.  When you’ve been busting your butt to complete a novel, it’s NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRreally great to hear from someone about how much they like your work.  Writer’s need validation for their efforts.  So when someone takes the time to let you know they liked your story, it is encouraging.  What drives me nuts is when people tell you they’ll write a review and then they never do.  Reviews are important for our ranking on Amazon.com.  So folks, if you tell an author you’ll write a review, do it.  Keep your word.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I’m planting rose bushes and praying I don’t have a black thumb for gardening.  Stay safe out there and spread love.  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!