Well, I’m thinking of doing my spring cleaning, starting with the office. I say this because I had to use my rescue inhaler this morning, and I think it is the dust on the blinds. It is pitiful when you’ve let a plant grow into the slats of your window blinds and when you try to take it out, the dust flies straight up your nose. Well, that’s ever so much better than a Bird of Paradise, like the song says. If you are not from the country, don’t ask.

Got up to cold weather this morning. Weather man said to cover our plants tonight. Thank goodness I haven’t put anything in the ground yet. Should be okay in another couple of weeks. I’m getting excited about my vegetable garden. I love fresh tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer.

I find myself anxious to get started on the editing of the next book. I know I will have to read it three or four times, but I don’t really care about that. Every time you go over a mss, you find a place you can add or delete something. Sister is writing. I am editing. I think she is way ahead of me. When I catch up to her, we will work together to finish the book. Maybe that will help us finish sooner with a better book. Although she is the better writer of the team.

Y’all take care of yourselves and get in a little work on your craft each and every day. I’m going to see if I can get something done today even if it’s wrong. I’ll talk with you later.



All three of my dogs are acting crazy this morning.  Even Freedom, who usually is very laid back about anything just about went nuts when she saw me pick up the nail clippers.  I managed to clip one toenail, then she jerked away from me and ran.  Bella would not let me pick up her foot, so I gave up on her, and Chloe got up and ran under the hutch.  Crazy dogs.  I have not cut one toe off yet, and they are such babies about their nails.  Little do they know they have a good brushing coming so the birds can use the hair for their nests.  The love using dog hair and scraps of yarn for their homes.

The temp is already 70.  The sun is out and it is one of those beautiful KY days.

My apple tree is in full bloom.  It is not very large, but it is beautiful with all those pink blossoms on it.  I can’t wait for October to pick my apples.  But first We have to get our vegetable garden planted.  I talked to Sister this morning and she said it was snowing.  She can’t plant diddley-squat as long as their is snow on the ground.

I hope all of you are working hard on your writing.  Make sure you edit and spell check often.  Even if you think you are finished, go over it one more time.

Take care and I will get back with you soon.

1/2 Dreamah



dsc02138[1]imagesEVWVXQCHWell the bird feeder is a big hit.  I have mountain Chickadees, sparrows and another little bird with a red throat and head that appears once in a while.  I am thrill to see them, but not as thrilled as the cats.  11-F3861162-675487-960Bandit, the Siamese,  slinks across the floor to the screen door, eases up on her hind legs and peers out the screen.  11-4FFBF4EE-702370-960Or she and Stanley creep up into the chair and sit motionless and watch as the birds feed or flit from branch to branch.  My black cat, Pyewacket, could care less.  He’s not the hunter the other two seem to want to be.  His greatest joy is to curl up in the chair and nap or chase a toy mouse.  No wonder he weighs almost 20 pounds.  He is my big boy and one sweet loving cat.  I love all my fur babies.  They give me love and great joy.

My nephew came down from where he lives in Black Forest to shore up the wooden fence around the back yard.  With all the wind we’ve had lately, it was actually waving back and forth.  A sturdy 4×4 and a couple of 2×4’s and screws and now I have a strong fence around the yard.  I was out digging up some weeds that have appear in the front yard.  There are nice rocks around the cedar trees where Alyssums will look nice.  I love the white and purple ones.  I never knew that were also called madwort.   The first week of May, I will buy my yellow, white and red rose bushes to plant.  I saw a red rose-bush at Wal-Mart  yesterday.

Starting tomorrow, we are supposed to have a change in the weather.  Out high for tomorrow is 49, also for Friday with rain and possibly snow at the higher elevations.  But the weather report keeps changing from hour to hour and we’re not sure of what is heading in our direction.  Oh well, I should be able to get a lot of writing done or maybe finish that painting hanging on my wall.

I want to say thank God for Flonase.  I probably didn’t spell it correctly, but that’s okay, it works.  I have been going crazy, and I’m already nuts, with I guess a cold and allergies. This nasal spray stops me from sneezing and dries up my runny nose, and that is all I care about.

Well folks, a word of advice, If you’re going to cook a dish of food you haven’t made in a while, check the recipe before you go to the store.  I didn’t and screwed it up.  I got the recipe when I lived in Hawaii.  It’s called Yakasoba and it’s made with oriental vegetables, oriental ramen noodle, chicken, mushrooms, AND Worcestershire sauce.  At the store, I forgot the mushrooms, and bought soy sauce instead of Worcestershire.  When I cooked the blasted dish, I forgot to put in the vegetables and the soy sauce made it toooooo salty.  Anyway, this morning, on the way home from having lab work done, I stopped and bought a bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE sauce, a large one.  Next time I’ll pull out the recipe before I start to cook something.

Well, back to work.  Everyone have a great week and weekend, Stay safe



I have been trying to  write a blog for the past three weeks.  Every time I start one I get almost finished, everything turns blue and all my text vanished.   Makes me so mad I could just throw this computer across the room.  Well, this morning, I called the Geek Squad and hopefully it is fixed. I really hate to damage an almost new computer.

We spent all of last week in Louisville helping our daughter get her  new house set up and unpacked.  I love the town.  it seems that every neighborhood has its own little shopping district.  Great restaurants and boutiques.  But I love Walton too.  I think I’ve told you before that the house is 115 years old and believe me when I say it acts like it.  The roof in the  kitchen leaks, the dish washer went out and it is practically new.  The closets are very odd.  Each room has a closet door, but when you open it, you see nothing but shelves.  You can’t hang a single garment.  It seems that when the house was built, if it measured the length of a clothes hanger, it was considered a room and you were charged taxes on it. doesn’t make a bit of sense does it?

I’m going to go now as I am boring myself to death.  My daughter is have surgery in the morning and I am going back to the Ville to stay with her a couple of days.  Perhaps something will happen down there worth writing about.

Y’all take care and stay our of trouble.  I’ll be back in a few days.Rose_sm

1/2 Dreamah





imagesURJBXEJTimages6HTQ24AHFirst, we want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.  I hope this is a blessed day for everyone.

I have hung a bird feeder, where I can see it,  in the cedar tree outside my front door.  It took three tries before it was placed so that I could, on my writing breaks, sit in my chair and watch the birds.  When I am working, I keep my TV tuned to a music channel so I can focus on what I’m doing.  The feeding birds will be a welcomed break, if and when they decide to consume all that seed.  So far, a lone sparrow has ventured forth to eat.  The chickadees are getting closer, but are still a little distrustful.  Soon, they’ll start to feed.  I’ve seen several little birds, in the tree,  that I don’t recognize.  Beautiful little creatures that flit from branch to branch, cock their head and listen as if waiting for an anticipated song.  They are all delightful to watch.  I love chickadees, but do love the little sparrows.

Yesterday, I don’t know if it was a good idea or not, but I made a list of all my partially written novels where I have, as the idea and storyline rushed at me, wrote down what was whirling in my brain, These novels are incomplete due to a mental roadblock, needed research or just waiting for the story to finish cooking in my head while I work on and complete another project.  I was astonished to find I have over 15 stories going in various stages and some close to being finished.  And this morning another idea for a book jump out at me.  I quickly jotted down the title and a note for the storyline.  Now, I have 16 books that need to be written.

I have been writing since I was a teenager.  I’d come up with a story, write it down, and place my hero in such a bad situation that I had no idea how to get him/her out of it.  I was too young and inexperienced at the time to know how to resolve my dilemma.  I’m a lot older and hopefully wiser now.  I’ve served in the Air Force, traveled almost around the world, lived in Europe for close to two years, been married, divorced and lived in several of the US states.  My heart has always longed to live in the west.  My heart is so happy to be back in Colorado Springs that every day, I look at Pike’s Peak and thank God I am home.

Back to enjoying this glorious Easter Sunday and the bright sunshiny weather we are having.  Be thankful for all we have and do not dwell on what you don’t have.  Have faith and God will provide.  May God bless you all.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe.



dsc04175[2]images[6]We arose to a dusting of snow this Friday morning and a temperature of 27.  But with the bright sun shiny down, the snow was starting to melt even at that chilly degree as I took Titan out for his morning trip.  Due to the below freezing temperature, I had hoped the lilac bushes’ new buds would survive the cold.  I forgot how hardy they are.  Even the tree’s spring growth appear to have kept their green fuzz and promise to burst forth with new spring leaves.  I was thrilled when I saw two chickadees, take refuge from the wind, in the large cedar trees outside my front door.  I love all birds, but there is something about a chickadee that warms my heart.  I have several photos of the little birds which are  waiting in line to be in a painting.  Too few hours in a day.

Have you ever finished writing a novel, believing it is complete, but over time felt as if you left so much out that it needs to be rewritten?  That is how I feel about one of my novels.  I left out so much about the characters that I have decided to go back and do a rewrite to add to the book.  I believe this effort will improve the story greatly.  I am going to practice what I preach about knowing your characters.

As I have a lot of work to do today, this will be a short blog.  Spring is here and soon the warm weather will stay.  Now, after the wind we had last night, if I could only stop sneezing, I’d be thrilled.

Everyone have a great Easter and stay safe.







Good morning all.  I hope everyone is up and sitting at your computer pounding away on your exciting story lines.  I,myself, am on my first cup o  coffee, so be nice.I know I haven’t written a blog in a good long time.  I have been helping my daughter with her move to Louisville.  If Sister and I ever write a real ghost story, I want to use that house.  It is 115 years old, and creepy as all get out.  Yet it is beautiful.  Actually, before she moved in, we smudged each room including the windows, corners and ourselves.  We used a white sage which was recommended to her by a Wiccan lady.  perhaps it was just my imagine, but there was such a calmness in the house afterwards. Anyway, it was a pleasing experience for all of us.

Speaking of pleasant experiences, I had to have a Steroid shot in my right shoulder yesterday.  The only way to explain it is that it isn’t quite as  bad as giving birth.  Close tho.

I learned something a little while ago.  I was going to tell y’all about my weather when I realized I didn’t know the difference between “gray and grey.”  So I went to good ole Siri on my IPhone and she set me straight.  GRAY is used here in the US.  GREY is used in the UK and other parts of the world.  Wouldn’t ya know the US would have to be different. Oh well, it really does not   matter.  gray is grey no matter what shade you use.  Not anything at all like “there and their.”

Now to the one thing I hate and despise.  And so do you.  TAXES.  I haven’t done ours.  I haven’t even started them.  I promised hubs I would get on them today.  SO I MUST.

I’ll be back on the keys in a day or two.  In the meantime, y’all take care and keep at it.  That book will be finished soon.  Then comes the hard part, EDITING.