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Good morning all. Once again we are at Lake Cumberland for the weekend. My daughter’s little dog is blind and is terrified of the boat, so since I don’t swim, we said we would stay with Zoe. Plus we love the peace and quiet here.
I was supposed to do this blog yesterday, but by the time I finished all I had to do, plus throw my rags in a bag, then sit still as a stone on the I75 due to rush hour traffic, we did not get here till late and I just deflated like a blow up doll.
I love it when I am with family. We have such a good time when we are together. After all, family is what it’s about, and with the world going to Hell in a hand basket, we need to stick together.
Okay, so much for preaching. I hope y’all have been able to get some work done this week. I am going to try and work on THE STONE KILLER some, but it is a two hour trip to any large super market.  That’s fun.  But then, it is Saturday and all country people go to town on Saturday.  So, that is my day.  So much for relaxing amid the peace and quiet. I just realized. Today is the first of the month, so it is bill paying day. Lordy, I love when your plan works out. Ha.
Y’all take it easy if you can. I hope you have a Blessed day and we’ll talk later.




vbme0698Well its been several days since the last blog, 14 days to be exact.  In that time, the trees have all leafed out and the Dogwood and Redbud have all bloomed.  The mountain is in it

s glory now.  Everything around us is green.  How beautiful, and how lucky am I to live here in this place.  I bought a Rhododendron yesterday, and I can’t wait to get it in the ground.  I,also, bought a pkg of Shasta Daisies.  I guess I should read the package before IMG_0382I buy.  Those things don’t bloom for 365 days.  Good Lord, the world could end by then and I would have wasted my money. Especially since N. Korea has a wild hair up its a– again.

I am moving awfully slow on the rewrite of THE HANGMAN.  I need to get my butt in gear or Sister is going to throw a wall-eyed-fit.  And I don’t blame her.

Well darn, Hubs is going out to put my plants in the ground.  That means I have to go out and show him where to plant them.  So friends, I will close this blog and will be back in a couple of days.  You all be good to yourselves and we’ll talk later.



Good Sunday to everyone:  I hope you all are having a great day so far.

Yesterday was so beautiful and now it is pouring rain.  Well, actually, as long as the ground is wet, we are not likely to have forest fires.  That is the one thing that scares me to death.  We have fire hydrants here on the mountain, but we have been told that they are just for decoration.  Are you laughing or are you yelling OMG like I did.  What we have is what the head of the HOA says are flush valves, and that means that a fire truck has to travel 15 miles, hook up to the flush valve, fill the truck with water, then they can fight the fire.  Now, people, how long do you think a cedar shingled cabin would last.  Yeah, that’s right.  so long home.

I started to do this blog last night, but I started reading other blogs and didn’t get to our blog.  There is one blog that hit me very hard.  Rachel Markowitz wrote a blog about 100 blessings a day.  It is wonderful and if you think about it, we all can come up with at least 100 blessings each and every day.

Well, I took time out to clean my fridge.  The thing was bordering on nasty, and I couldn’t stand  looking at it any longer.  Now it is bright and shiny.  Even the food looks better

I thought the sun was coming out, but the rain is coming down in sheets.  That’s okay though, we are just going to stay in and watch the NCAA Tournament.  I’m hoping for UK and FL to win, but we shall see.

So, you all be good to yourselves and others. Keep working on your craft.  That’s the only way you will improve and get anywhere.  Practice, Practice, Practice.  Take care and we’ll talk later







Hey everyone:  Hope your world is right side up. Last night it was so hot in this house that I turned the air-conditioner on.  The wall thermometer read 78deg.  Got up this morning to 31deg.  It has been cold all day.  Short sleeves yesterday.  Long sleeves today.  Crazy weather we are having.  Don’t ya think? Spring has sprung and I wish it would start looking like it.

We have decided that the HOA can just suck eggs.  We are going to put up an invisible fence for the dogs.  Everyone we’ve talked to says they work wonderfully.  The HOA just wants too much: 3 different sets of plans, pictures, schematics.  Just too much for a small wooden fence we want.  Now they won’t even know about it.

I have no idea what to do about my garden now that we live in a national forest full of critters.  I’m going to try to grow a few tomatoes in large pots.  Hope it works, but I’m not counting on it.

I tried a new recipe for dinner called Mongolian Beef.  I got it off of Facebook.  It would be good if it didn’t call for so much Soy Sauce.  Salty as heck.  Hubs said I don’t need to make it again and he is right.Back to the same old blah crap.  I like to try new things and sometimes they turn out great, but not this time.  I am craving Chocolate Pie, but I am trying so hard to lose some more weight that I know I shouldn’t make one.  I bet if I tell Hubs about it, he will insist.  Then what must I do?  Make a pie, of course.  My recipe  is simple but it is the best Chocolate Pie I have ever eaten.  All you have to do is cook 1 lg pkg of Chocolate Pudding, then after it thickens, add 1 lg Milk Choc. Hershey Bar(broken into small pieces), stir until the Choc. Bar dissolves and pour it into a pre-baked pie shell.YUMMY. Don’t forget to put Glad Wrap on top to keep it from getting that awful skin that forms on cooked pudding.

Well now that there is no news, but bad news, I guess I will watch Survivor tonight.  Although I am getting kind of tired of it.  In fact, I’m getting tired of all the TV shows we watch.  Sounds like nothing but movies to me.  And that is fine.  There are a lot of movies we want to see.  And then, I could always get out my knitting and work on a sweater I’ve been working on for two years.

So, y’all take it easy and be good to yourselves. If you haven’t read A CIRCLE OF MURDERS,  CREATING KATHRYN CROWN and THE HANGMAN,  you need to get them from Amazon.  THE HANGMAN will be out soon.  Well I’ll talk wth you later.





P1010497I now know that the little birds do not like cornbread.  Hubs swore they would eat it, but no they did not.  God, I love it when I’m right.

I am so happy.  We have sunshine today and the temp is supposed to reach 53deg.  I am so tired of being cold. We’ve only had about 1 1/2 inches of snow this winter and,  since we have to walk the dogs, I am not too upset.  And yet, I love snow.  I swear Mother Nature must be on crack or something.  The other day I’m sitting here with the temp in the 20’s and Sister has 70 ish temps.  It’s supposed to get up to 80 in CO. Spgs today.

Sister is ill so she isn’t up to editing right now.  But she will spring back and we will get started soon.

Hubs has decided he is going to fence in the back yard whether or not the HOA likes it.  That man is going to make me a homeless old woman.  And I don’t even have a grocery cart to put my piddling stuff in.

Oh and there is big news in the area.  The double screen outdoor drive in movie opened this week end.  Exciting yes?  The new Beauty and the Beast is playing.  I think I’ll wait for something with a little more action.  We do plan on going as soon as the weather warms up in the evening.

So folks, that’s about it for now.  Sitting here watching college basketball.  I’m down to two teams I’m rooting for.  KY of course.  And W va.  Miami and FL State both lost out.  Y’all be good to yourselves and others.  Don’t do anything that will reduce your wardrobe to nothing but orange jumpsuits.  Not everyone can wear that color.  We’ll talk later.







Hey there everyone:  I don’t even remember the last time I posted a blog.  I must say, I have missed it.

We moved to the mountain in October.  It didn’t take long to sell our house in Northern KY, but the packing and getting rid of stuff absolutely about did us in.  And we still have too much stuff.  We now have 900sf of living space.  A lot less than before.  But we are so happy. I sit in my living room and watch the birds on the porch railing eat the ground nuts we put out for them.  My favorites are the Titmice(TITMOUSES?) and the Chickadees.  They are the cutest little things.

We don’t have a fence, as a matter of fact, the HOA denied us permission to put up a fence, so we have to take the dogs out on a leash several times a day.  That has gotten old.  Especially in the cold.  This morning the wind chill is 11deg.  Yuck!!  But, we are going to put in one of the invisible fences.  They surely can’t complain about that.  We have never lived where we had a group of idiots telling us what we can and cannot do with our very own property.  I don’t think I like it too well.

Well, THE HANGMAN is written, and I have completed the first edit.  Now Sister and I have to start the dreaded reading aloud and changing things if needed.  Hopefully, we will get  to that this week or this coming Tuesday.  She volunteers at the Colorado Spgs PD Mondays and Fridays, we have three days a week to work on the book.  It won’t take us long to get it up and published.  That is Sister’s job. ha ha.

I tell you this Daylight Savings Time is ruining my daily plans.  I don’t get up like I would like.  Here it is almost 10am and I haven’t been up very long.  And my day is full.  I absolutely have to get started on our taxes or Hubs is going to have a fit.  He has been on my back already to get everything out.  Gonna do that.  Yes I am.  Soon.  Well, by April 14th anyway.

That sweet man has my breakfast ready, so I had better go eat.  Y’all have a super day and it really is good to be back with you.  if you haven’t read THE STONE KILLER, go get it.  You will be glad you did.  Be good to yourself and others, and we’ll talk later.












57%20the%20%20little%20%20firebase%20%20after%20%20michael%20%20farley%20%20was%20%20kil1Recently I posted this photo of a Vietnam Vet on my Facebook page and asked if anyone knew who he was or if he made it back from that war.  His picture was the inspiration for a young version of one of my characters in THE HANGMAN.  I am happy to report his name is Dwight Davis and to know he came home, as so many of our young men did not.  I found his identity in an amazing book by Jerry S. Horton entitled SHAKE N BAKE SERGEANT.  I emailed Mr. Horton, and he was kind enough to respond.  If you want to know what that war was like, read his book.  I recommend it.  I hope the years have been good for Dwight Davis and for Jerry Horton, they deserve it as do all veterans.

When I create a character, I need to know what they look like.  Sometimes I use a combination of physical attributes of various people I know, other times actors or pictures I find on the Internet.  I print a copy of the picture and put it in that character’s file.  Other times, I use people in the news, or make up their physical appearance and try to locate an actor who resembles my character.  That way, I have a photo to remind me of their image.  I did this with all my novels.  It works well for me.  You might give it a try.

IMAG0506I am happy to report my little dog, Titan, came through his teeth cleaning trip to the vet very well.  He still doesn’t feel too well, but will be his old self by tomorrow.  He is such a precious little dog and my baby, as are all my pets.

images7JPAILFWAt this moment, here in Colorado Springs, I have my front and back door open.  This is more like spring weather than February.  Our winter has been mild so far and beautiful.  Right now, it is 68 degrees with bright sunshine.  I am enjoying the sun and warmth and not complaining.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.  Remember: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.