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Good morning all. Once again we are at Lake Cumberland for the weekend. My daughter’s little dog is blind and is terrified of the boat, so since I don’t swim, we said we would stay with Zoe. Plus we love the peace and quiet here.
I was supposed to do this blog yesterday, but by the time I finished all I had to do, plus throw my rags in a bag, then sit still as a stone on the I75 due to rush hour traffic, we did not get here till late and I just deflated like a blow up doll.
I love it when I am with family. We have such a good time when we are together. After all, family is what it’s about, and with the world going to Hell in a hand basket, we need to stick together.
Okay, so much for preaching. I hope y’all have been able to get some work done this week. I am going to try and work on THE STONE KILLER some, but it is a two hour trip to any large super market.  That’s fun.  But then, it is Saturday and all country people go to town on Saturday.  So, that is my day.  So much for relaxing amid the peace and quiet. I just realized. Today is the first of the month, so it is bill paying day. Lordy, I love when your plan works out. Ha.
Y’all take it easy if you can. I hope you have a Blessed day and we’ll talk later.




images[2]Memorial Day weekend is here.  It is hard to believe that the month of May ends on Tuesday and we begin to head into summer. We had a great rain nearly all day yesterday. As I live a little south and just outside the main city limits of Colorado Springs, I did not receive all the hail they did. They really got blasted on North end of town. They showed the hail on TV and it looked like snow had fallen. Then it began to melt, and all the streets were flooded, the ones which had received the most hail. We are supposed to get some more rain today but it is going to be moving east and the sun is supposed to come out this afternoon.Right now the wind is playing a merry tune on my wind chimes.

imagesYW79DRE4I fed and watered my roses yesterday before it rained, so they should be quite happy. I’m still trying to figure out what is causing the leaves on my yellow rose bush to wilt. The one prize-winning medal yellow rose has not produced one sprout or even a glimmer of a leaf. It still has green stalks, so I guess I’ll just leave it alone and see what happens.


I will be so glad to see sunshine. thGXLQGOYVFor some reason the last couple of days, probably because of this blasted cold, I have been so down in the dumps. I don’t do being sick very well.  I’m a terrible patient.  So it’s time for me to stop  feeling sorry for myself and to either get on the stick and do what I have to do, or call it quits. Since my motto is NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER, I’d better get busy and do something, even if it’s wrong. I just wish I could stop coughing so much.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEI did get some work done on The Hangman yesterday, in fact I wrote over 1000 words, which is good. I just don’t know where some of these characters are taking me in this book. I’ll just have to follow their lead and see what happened. I want to get The Hangman finished, but I want it to be a good story and everything be consistent in the storyline. I didn’t have this much trouble with The Stone Killer. It could be because I took a break from writing. I was really on a roll but then I had to stop for a while. This book will be up loaded as soon as I can get it completed and edited.

STONE KILLER SGNLE, NEWSINGLE COVER, A C OF MIn the meantime give our other books a read. They are available on Amazon.com as e-books and as paperbacks.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.




Good morning everyone.  Hope things are well with all of you.

GLORY, GLORY, GLORY,  we finally got some plants in the ground.  At least we will have some tomatoes and peppers in about three months.  We’re not doing a large garden this year,  mostly because it is so late.  I can always go to the farmers market for beans and corn, etc.  I’m just thrilled to finally have a tomato plant in the dirt.

I’ve started editing THE HANGMAN, and it reads really well.  I am anxious for us to get it finished and up on Amazon.  Then we can get on with the next book in the series, THE SNATCHER.

My sister in Ohio called this morning and wants us to come up next week.  Her son is visiting from CO., and is going to do a fish fry.  Well, I’m not going to miss that.  I will just have to get my flowers in pots sooner than I had planned.  I haven’t seen him in about two years so I must go to Mansfield next week.

My master just buzzed me, a/k/a the dryer, so I had better get to folding and hanging.  Laundry like dishes is a never ending job.  But so are floors and dusting and anything else pertaining to daily life.

I hope your writing is going well and you are keeping up with the editing.  Which is another never ending job.  You all take it easy and have a very blessed day.  We’ll talk later.    DREAMAH





Well, we are home from Louisville, and I couldn’t be happier. I am in the mood to stay home for awhile. Although, I do want to go out to CO. this fall to see Sister. It is coming up on two years since our last visit.
Sometime today I want to start the editing of THE HANGMAN. But first, I need to go buy some more dirt for the garden. We use raised beds and it seems as though the dirt just disappears from them. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to refresh the soil each year.

There’s not a lot going on here in northern Kentucky.  At least not at my house.  I know it is time for spring cleaning, but I just can’t seem to get in the mood.  It is so hard for me to take down curtains and blinds for cleaning and right now Hubs is not up to helping me.

So now, I’m off to Home Depot for plants and dirt.  You all have a blessed day and, by all means, write, edit and write, edit.

We’ll talk later.  DREAMS



thGXLQGOYVWell, this will probably be short as I am sitting at the computer coughing my blasted head off.  It seem I am the lucky recipient of a cold.  Thrill, thrill.  It makes you feel just bad enough that all you want to do is hide under the blanket and sleep the day away.  It ain’t gonna happen, especially with my fur babies who want their food and to go out at different times of the day.   Not to mention the attention they need, a toy to be thrown or any other thing they can think of to try to cheer mom up.  And all I’d like to do is sleep, which is managing to elude me when I go to bed.  I was awake from 3:30 until 5:30 this morning and then got up at 7:30,  Needless to say, I’m tired and going to head for bed at any second.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEI tried to work on The Hangman yesterday and some this morning, but my brain just isn’t in the function mode.  I wrote several paragraphs and the computer crashed.  It vanished.  It pissed me off so much I shut the blasted thing down and went to curl up in my chair.  That didn’t work.  So I got busy doing the thing sis and I had planned for today.  After the initial crappy feeling this a.m., everything went great until we can home and the coughing started again.  So now, I am going to bed.








Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.





Good Morning everyone:

I hope all is well with you and you have been able to get some work done since we last talked.  Of course, since e I left the mss at home, I can’t work.  But I did read a book on my IPad.  BURNOUT,  by Larry Winters.  It was pretty good.  Not as good as THE STONE KILLER, but good.

As easy as a Mac is to operate, I can’t seem to figure out how to add a photo to my blog.  I really wanted to show this house we are staying in.

We are having another cold rainy day here in Louisville.  Will winter ever be over.  I saw on the news yesterday, that it has snowed as late as May 20th here.  Can you believe that?

Well since our daughter will be home tomorrow, I sure hope she brings me something from Ireland, I guess I had better pick up the house.  Since she absolutely does not do floors, I bought her that new spin mop.  The one that comes with its own bucket.  I have one and I love it.  No wringing.  I’m going to mop that huge kitchen.  It needs it.

I wish I had a lot of profound things to say, but I just can’t think of anything.  I’m going to try, once again, to add a picture to this blog.  If I don’t succeed, you will know that there is not a lot of profound things in my life.  I’m not making any sense at all, so I will sign off for now.  Talk to you later, DREAMAH


Hey everyone:  I can’t tell you how happy I am to be working with a Mac again.  I love this computer.  And although I am not computer savvy,  a Mac is easy to learn.

We are still in Louisville and it is still pretty nippy.  The high for today is 63, and tomorrow is a high of 55.  My mother would call this kind of weather in May, “Blackberry Winter.”  I don’t know why but that is what she called a cold spell this late in the year.  The daughter will be back from Ireland on Friday, and we hope to go home then.  If it warms up, plants will go in the garden next week.  I am so anxious to plant something.  I’m about ready to just stick some plastic flowers in the ground and call it done.

Poor little Zoe.  I feel so bad for her.  Daughter says she can see a little bit, but I’m not sure.  She tries to run and play with my Chloe and she ends up running into the furniture.  Or the wall. Of course, she is 14 and has a lot of old dog problems.  But she is a sweetheart.  Zoe and Chloe, the Twit Twins, or puppies.

I can’t believe I left my house without the mss for THE HANGMAN.  I haven’t been able to edit diddly squat.  Of course, Sister is not too pleased, but then she hasn’t finished writing THE HANGMAN, so there.  She can’t complain too much.  But, none the less, I do feel bad.  But you all go ahead and read THE STONE KILLER,  the first Jonas Black novel.  It will whet your appetite for THE HANGMAN.

You all take it easy and try to work on your writing a little bit each day.  We’ll talk again soon.



images[2]We got up to a shroud over the mountains this morning.  We really can’t complain because we’ve had such beautiful sunny weather for many days and we need the rain.  But I have trouble handling day after day of gloomy weather.  I need to see the sun at least part of the day or even for a few minutes.

imagesYW79DRE4Of course the roses love this damp condition and are growing great except for one which is defying all my threats if it doesn’t start growing.  Our humidity is 82%, which is really high for us.  Our usual is around 11 to 20%.  Very dry and I love it.  Right now the sky looks as if it’s going to start crying at any moment.  Maybe it will help my one forsythia bush that the pups keep peeing on.  I hope they haven’t killed it, the poor little bush.

thI1A7OGKSMy back is slowly getting better and not giving me the fits it has been.  I actually was able to sleep last night without having to take a heavy-duty pain pill.  Sister and I have relaxed the last couple of days from packing up her house.  We needed a break.  It will get done.  We like to get things done, and even when we’re exhausted we continue to push ourselves when we shouldn’t.  That’s probably how I hurt my back.  I know, I’m crazy and I readily admit it.  You have to be a little nuts to be a writer.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRI have been reviewing what I have written on The Hangman to make sure I have covered everything.  So far, so good. Now onward to the finish.





NEW SNATCHER CVRThe Snatcher is waiting in the wings screaming for his day in the spotlight.  For each of our current published novels, we received another five-star review.  So people do like our work.  I think everyone will enjoy the Jonas Black series as well as the romantic suspense we write.

CREATING KATHRYN CROWNSo check our all our books on amazon.com, Creating Kathryn Crown, SINGLE COVER, A C OF MA Circle of Murders, and the first book in the Jonas Black series, The Stone Killer.

STONE KILLER SGNLE, NEWEveryone have a great weekend and stay safe.