I hope this finds you all well and happy.  At least well.  Or happy.   Which ever you prefer.  I am both.  I think.

Well our house is officially on the market and I am a nervous wreck.  I don’t know why.  I am so excited to be moving to the lake.  I guess it’s because I don’t deal with uncharted waters.   We will be 15 miles from the closest grocery store and hospital.  That part makes me nervous as Hubs has a heart problem.

We have been told that houses are selling fast now.  In fact, one house on the circle sold in 16 hours.  That is a little too fast for me.  And, what about my garden.  I figured I would have time for my tomatoes to come in.  Crap.  I hate to think of all that work and I might not get any tomatoes or cucumbers this summer.

I haven’t worked much on THE HANGMAN since last week.  We have been busy getting the house ready and we still have so much to do before we can move.  Since the cabin is totally furnished, we don’t need to take much with us.

I hope you all have had better luck than Sister and I.  Neither one of us has been able to get anything done.  I did get about 10 pages edited last week.  But now that there is a sign out front, I will, perhaps, have more time to edit.

Well, after scrubbing and mopping most of the day, I am tired.  I think I will see what’s on TV tonight.  You all take care of yourselves and we’ll talk later.



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