I have concluded there comes a time when you must say a novel is finished and proceed to write the next book.  I have a touch of OCD, verified by my sister by my meticulous ways of searching for any mistakes in my books.  I hate making typing errors, but make them, I do.  I do silly, stupid things like adding ed to a word when it is not needed or leaving it off when it is, adding ‘s’ where one shouldn’t be.  So I have all these editing programs that are supposed to catch all my mistakes.  They don’t, but they do find a lot of them, for which I’m thankful.  So, I and my editing programs have gone over FOR LOVE OF HANNAH six times plus again and again.  So, as I said, time to stop and start working on the next novel.  I am officially declaring FOR LOVE OF HANNAH finished.  Anyway, I’m praying I can stop checking for errors.

I have submitted Hannah to a slew of literary agents.  Pray that I find one.  I feel the story is well written and can make people cry.  Anyway, it made my friend, Janice, cry when she read the manuscript for me.  It is not a story you will forget.  I will say this much if you liked the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze, then I believe you will enjoy Hannah.  Keep watch for a publication date.

The next book, for the most part, will probably be THE SNATCHER.  To give me a break from working on the Jonas Black story, I’ll write the ending to TO CATCH A DREAM.  I have an outline for TO CATCH A DREAM, so I know how the story will flow.  All I have to do is type it into the computer.  I do enjoy working on my stories.

The weatherman says cooler weather is on the way to Ohio.  Yeahhhhhhhhhh.

Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you I’m weird and maybe a bit nuts.  I admit to the weird and yes, being a little nutty too. I like animals more than most people I’ve met.  I have six, four cats and two dogs. I didn’t plan on having so many animals; it just happened.  First there was my tiny poodle JoJo.  He adopted Stanley, then JoJo died.  I almost lost Stanley because he grieved so much and wouldn’t eat. I found Pyewacket, and Stanley started doing better.  After that, a neighbor brought me a Siamese kitten, which I named Bandit.  I now had three cats whereas before I was strictly a dog person. That happened while I was living in Florida.  The three kitties and I moved to Colorado.  While in Colorado Springs, I adopted Titan, a Chihuahua mix, at a rescue center.  Later I would rescue a puppy and name him JoJo after my poodle.  They are my kids, and I love each one.  My two sisters and my animal keep me as close to sane as possible. They give unconditional love, and we all need that in our lives.    

The hour is growing late.  Everyone have a great rest of the week and weekend.  Stay safe and remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.  Keep writing no matter what anyone says.


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